5 Ways How Discord Will Help You Get More Business

Discord is a voice and text chat client that is taking the business world by storm.

If you’re not familiar with Discord, it’s basically like Slack (a popular messaging app we’ve discussed before) but for gamers. However, unlike Slack, Discord has been able to expand its reach into other markets – particularly those in need of more secure, encrypted chat rooms. As such, Discord has become wildly popular as an app for businesses of all sizes and industries looking to communicate with teams and clients alike.

Discord isn’t just some trendy fad either; instead, it’s managed to build up an impressive base of power users who swear by the platform: there are currently over 25 million active users on Discord monthly, and these users sent over 300 million messages daily.

What makes Discord so popular? Several reasons, actually: the platform is free, easy to use and has a familiar interface for users who are already familiar with other chat platforms like Slack and Skype. However, perhaps what’s most appealing about Discord is the security it offers – which we’ll get into later in this blog post. First, however, let’s go ahead and take a look at 5 ways using Discord will help your business:

  1. Build A Community Around Your Brand

One of the biggest barriers holding marketers back from really flourishing on social media is that there is no actual platform for important conversations to take place. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are all primarily about broadcasting to your audience; they’re not great at hosting discussions (at least not in a useful way). Meanwhile, LinkedIn does an okay job but it’s not really designed for this type of use either. Even Google+ isn’t particularly well known as a tool for fostering community, even though it should be (given how many people use Gmail). Because of this void in social media marketing functionality, marketers everywhere have been looking around for other options – which brings us to Discord.

  1. Avoid The Clutter On Other Chat Apps

It’s no secret that social media platforms are getting slammed with content. What was once a well-orchestrated system for pinpointing topics and users, has now turned into a madhouse of competing interests. Facebook Groups have become completely unmanageable for admins; Twitter is full of bots and far too much noise; Instagram hashtags have been overrun by influencers trying to gain clout – the list goes on and on. The reason why these platforms are struggling right now? Too many people across too many niches fighting for attention from potential customers. A cool (yet not so private) setup can be also found at allinone.im

  1. Keep Your Online Community Safe

Security is one of those topics that occasionally fall through the cracks in our fast-paced world – especially when it comes to everyday users. Generally, people are more worried about whether or not their online activity is being monitored by the government rather than if they are safe from other threats – threats like phishing scams and trolling. However, Discord has managed to do something different with security on its platform: it’s actually important enough for users to take notice of.

  1. Gain More Customers With In-Game Integration

Video games have always been a huge market; in fact, gaming makes up a larger share of revenue than movies and music combined. So it’s no surprise that gamers flock to platforms that let them talk directly with each other, form teams and even show off gameplay videos. Yet another reason why Discord has so popular outside of the traditional gamer community: it lets gamers share their content with ease, letting them interact and assist each other along the way. This can even be useful among slot players according to www.nutz.ee/en

  1. Track Your Productivity And Workload

Time is money – or at least that’s what they say. Regardless of where you stand on this age-old debate, productivity is an important question for companies everywhere. The better your employees are about staying organized and managing busy workflows, the more efficient your company will run as a whole. This is why many businesses have begun to implement Slack into their workflow; unfortunately, there are still some kinks in this system that Discord works around quite nicely, including offline messages and far less clutter overall compared to Slack channels.

There really is no limit to how you can use Discord to help grow your business. The next time you’re thinking about reaching out to new customers, why not give Discord a try?!

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