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Best Auto Moderation Bot Discord 2021 | Why You Need | How Does It Work

Auto moderation bot discord Released a few years ago, Discord has become a popular application for text and voice chat. It is compatible with all operating systems like Windows, Mac, and even Linux. Now mobile apps are available for easy access by IOS and android devices. Because of its advanced features, it replaced Skype in no time.

Discord enables you to create servers for your community or join others. Mostly used for gaming, the discord servers are also a great tool for official work or just hanging out with friends or people with mutual interest. Bots enable you to get the most out of discord. Hosting a server is quite a job, especially when the number of members increases. But auto-moderation bot discord is here for your help.

In this article, you will get to know more about auto moderation bot discord and some bots you can use.

What is the role of a Moderator in Discord?

Auto Moderation Bot Discord

Moderators play a pivotal role in a discord community. They manage the activities in the community. In general, the role of a server is to create a safe environment for the members of a community. To do so, they have to protect their server from people who violate rules and may cause harm to the community.

A moderator can add or remove users if they violate rules. A server must have well-written rules to avoid any conflicts. The discord moderator is an active participant in the community and works hard to improve the community. Moderator also has to keep people interested in the community and keeping it active.

Why do you need Auto Moderation Bot Discord?

Managing a server on discord is a tough job, especially a public one. Firstly, you cannot moderate your server all day long, and secondly, there are many threats to your server. You need a helper to prevent your server from spamming and even getting destroyed. A moderation bot will help you with that.

It will not only moderate your server in your absence but will also protect it. In short, the right moderation bot plays a vital role for your server and acts as your assistant.

How does Auto Moderation Bot Discord work?

A moderation bot is an automated software that performs various commands. It offers features like sending automatic messages, adding or removing members, or blocking spam. You can easily add a bot and make it work with simple commands.

Best Auto Moderation Bot Discord

Are you looking for an auto-moderation bot? Here is a list of bots you can choose from.

1. Tatsumaki


Named after a famous anime character, it is a useful moderation bot with numerous features. Tatsumaki is a widely used bot. It has commands to add or remove users from the server or blacklist them. You can completely disable comments on channels with this bot.

It can also send automated welcome messages to the new members. In addition to that, it helps to increases member’s engagement in the server by rewarding the users with credits or XP.


YAGPDB is the abbreviation for Yet Another General Purpose Discord Bot. It allows you to make rules and punish people who violate them. This bot automatically mutes or kicks users or issues warnings. With this bot, you can also mute a user for a specific time.

The fact that makes YAGPDB bot everyone’s favorite is that with moderation, it offers tons of other features as well, like fast youtube or Reddit feed and fun facts about cats. It also enables you to assign roles.

3. RED


It is a fully customizable bot. In other words, you can activate or disable features according to your liking and requirement. It is an easy-to-use moderation bot that serves many more fun purposes. Moderating features include kick, ban, filtering, or deleting messages; other amazing features include music, stream alerts, gifs, and trivia.

It allows you to play music from various platforms like YouTube and sound cloud. If you are looking for an all-purpose moderating tool, the RED bot is for you.

4. MEE6

MEE6 is a bot primarily designed for moderating your server but also has many interesting additional features. Its feature to allow you to create commands based on your conditions makes it a great choice. This bot also sends automated welcome messages and assigns roles.

The other moderating features it has include banning or muting users temporarily or permanently. This automated moderator bot is highly recommended for big communities with a larger moderation team. It is easy to download and use.

5. Carl Bot

Carl Bot offers all the moderating commands you will ever need. It offers a “drama channel” that gives an overview of violations of rules that have taken place. The auto mode features make sure the security of your server. It punishes people who perform any unauthorized activity, instantly blocks spam and dangerous links, and deletes any suspicious files.

You can whitelist certain people to avoid blocking them. It engages members with starboard and automatically sends a welcome message to the new users. All features can be accessed by advanced users; however, beginners may need to learn a little to use custom commands.

6. Dyno


Dyno was specially designed for server management and is a customizable moderator. Dyno commands allow you to make new announcements, assign roles, filter messages, mute, deafen or block users from your server. You can add more custom commands based on your needs.

Additional fun functionalities it offers are playing music and displaying quotes, jokes, or funny pictures. If you want to take full control of your server, this bot is for you.

Probot, arcane, and wick are some other popular moderating bots.

Final Words

To conclude, auto-moderation bots surely make the job of moderator easier. They do not only handle things in your absence but offer additional features for your server. Moderation bots are simple to use and can protect your server from spamming.

Choosing the right moderator to bot for your server can be a tough job. You should select a bot based on your requirements and additional features that you may find useful or entertaining.

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