Best Discord Bot for Moderation

Best Discord Bot for Moderation in 2021- TOP PICKS!

The best discord bot for moderation are listed below.

  1. MEE6
  2. ProBot
  3. Dyno
  4. Tatsu

To have a large community running on your server on discord is to feel happy, but with that being said great things require great attention in order to not be overtaken by them.

So you got two ways for moderating your discord server, either be yourself an all-time moderator or choose a wise decision and let a discord moderation bot handle this fuss.

There are a number of discord bot for moderation  servers that are already running on thousands of servers. And may not all of them be the best fit of all the servers.

That’s why we have compiled a list of the best discord moderation bot so you pick and add the bot into your server that you think is the perfect match.

Best Discord Bot for Moderation



  • Its features are available for free. MEE6 premium costs $11.95/month, $43.02 for a full year, or $79.90 for lifetime use on one server. 

MEE6 comes on the top of bot for moderation whenever you see someone compiling a list of best discord moderation bots. Various reasons are behind it which includes, MEE6 can take over moderation jobs as you want it to be, generally, it can mute, kick, ban permanently, or temporarily depending upon what you set in rules. Further, it can also be a welcome for your server such that whenever a user joins your server, he/she will receive a welcome text in the DM (Direct Message), the same happens when someone leaves.

Use its default moderation rules for texting, or add more rules for this bot. By Default the rules are limited to infractions like sharing links, using abusive words, sending mass emojis, and many more that are essential for every discord server. Also, set the number of warnings for under certain time durations.

The bot shows a warning for the users to notify them of why they’re warned for. If a user exceeds the warnings-limits then MEE6 will do its moderation job; punish the member. Moreover, the limits of its moderating features are quite big, some are, banning, warning, deleting a message, restricting access of channels for a user, get info about users, the slow mode is also added.

Besides working as a moderator MEE6 brings a lot of fun to a server, for instance, it can moderate your music channel as it has integrated API of youtube and Spotify, which means an ocean of songs for search and play.

The more of a fun feature there, members can vote for skipping currently playing a song and can earn XP points by guessing a song name, and singer’s name often,

The power of MEE6 also shows down to role authorization, set manually rewards for each task like commenting, sharing memes, and rewards for the most active member. And assign a certain role when members earned that many points, have it done already by this MEE6 bot. It also sends well-prepared stats to public chat channels or in the DM.


  • It’s a paid bot that costs $2.50/month or $24.99/year. Premium includes additional features while also letting you change your server’s ProBot. costing $9.99/mo or $79.99/y

Probot is the one of best discord bot for moderation solution for many tasks on a server, that’s the reason it comes on the second in the list of best discord bots for moderation. Auto-moderate user’s behavior so no one can send blacklisted words, spam anything that goes off the rules, if a member does this either. Probot can instantly ban, kick out, and mute that member until he/she learns the lesson.

The moderating functions with this bot are sky-high, when you’re allowed to add custom rules over texting-behavior for members, nothing left behind to seek.

In addition to this, ProBot undertakes music, roles, levels up, and sends a custom prepared welcome text to a user who just joined your server, the message contains your custom-written text with the user’s avatar and profile name that makes a user feel valuable.

Music-channel brings more fun when you add this bot, members can catch up on the songs from popular websites, also voting, and turning up the volume or down; Get your hands on such essential features.

One more important feature of this Probot is, you can send embeds in multiple channels instantly, let your members know about upcoming events, or share any link with them at once.


  • It’s available for free with some restricted content, its premium version costs $5/mo for one server, $10/mo for 3, and $15/mo for 5.

Dyno is also a popular moderation bot out there in the list. Similar to others it handles user’s activity by maintaining the overall environment of a server. With the ability to kick, ban, permanently, or temporarily you get the things set out automatically, and the best part of this bot is that when kicking out a member from a server it notes down the messages, logs for further reviewing the case. Such that a human mod can see those messages on the dashboard once a member gets a ban.

Additionally, features like role authorization, managing rules, and many MISC commands are accessible that allow users to have a fun time with this bot while it is maintaining the overall server’s rules and regulations.

Interestingly, for having time. Dyno bot has a separate list of commands in the fun category. Which includes text-based games, memes, jokes, and entertaining things. For instance, you can command ?dadjoke to call a joke, ?flip command will flip a coin ?iTunes [song name] command will share the information of the song. 

Lastly, the Dyno bot has plenty of other functions to talk about yet interesting to use on a server. It acts as a moderator along with that it is a fun bot that will bring a new life to a server, unlike other moderation bots that most members don’t like them to have on a server, this one stands differently as it tends to be a fan-favorite.


  • It costs around $4.99 up to $49.99/mo per server.

Tatsu bot is versatile enough to add it to this list of best bot for moderation bots for discord. It aims to let moderators spend time with the community and less time with doing server management, such as if someone misbehaves and breaks rules that you set for all, this Tatsu bot can take over that while you can rest, and enjoy. 

This Tatsu bot comes up with unique reward features and an economic system that money can be used for purchasing items you’ve listed them up. This makes members in a server active, pushing them to become a participant in different events that are being organized.

Additionally, several other features are packed in the Tatsu bot, for instance, playing games, sending notifications, welcome messages, and reward-based economy systems. Needless to say here, the reward and economy system takes a leap forward than all.

Discord rules and moderation policy

Rules & Policies

This section contains the rules and moderation policies for our Discord server. Moderators are required to base their moderation on those rules and their policies.

1. Advertising

Users are not allowed to advertise any kind of content, this includes but is not limited to:

  1. Discord invite links
  2. Referral links
  3. Social media profiles or channels

This rule also applies to advertisements through direct messages.

Policy: Users who join our Discord server only to violate this rule are permanently muted when advertising publicly and banned when advertising through direct messages. Other users are warned.

2. Language & Behavior

Language or behavior is prohibited if it is:

  1. Insulting
  2. Accusatory
  3. Defamatory
  4. Violent
  5. Sexist
  6. Racist

Policy: Users are warned when violating this rule, in severe cases they may be temporarily muted.

3. Prohibited Content

Content is prohibited if it:

  1. Is illegal
  2. Involves pornography or nudity
  3. Is sexual or suggestive content
  4. Shows or encourages violence
  5. Threatens, harasses, or bullies or encourages others to do so
  6. Is personal and confidential information
  7. Impersonates someone in a misleading or deceptive manner
  8. Is spam

Policy: Depending on the severeness, users are warned, temporarily muted, or permanently muted when violating this rule.

4. Spamming

The following behavior is considered spam:

  1. Sending messages with arbitrary characters in a fast sequence
  2. Sending the same message again and again in a fast sequence
  3. Repeatedly mentioning staff roles

Policy: Depending on the severeness, users are warned or temporarily muted when violating this rule. Accounts that are solely used for spamming are permanently muted.

5. Begging

Users are not allowed to ask others for free rewards or money. Please use our earning methods if you want to get rewards.

Policy: Depending on the severeness, users are warned or temporarily muted when violating this rule.


1. Ban

Permanently removes a user from the server.

2. Mute

Permanently mutes a user in all channels.

3. Temporary Mute

Temporarily mutes a user in all channels.

4. Warning

A warning is a note that will be attached to a user’s account. 3 or more warnings within the last 24 hours will result in a temporary mute for a duration of 24 hours.

Moderator Etiquette

  1. Moderators should always be calm and polite, even when users are not.
  2. Moderators should never be rude to users.
  3. Moderators should not use their power based on their opinion, penalties should be based on the moderation policies.
  4. Moderators should try to inform users when they remove their content or mute them.
  5. Moderators should offer helpful rule explanations, tips, and links to new or confused users.

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