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Best Discord Bots for Fun – Best List of 2021

With the best discord bots for fun, a server can become more active than ever. And if you ever run a Discord server, then I believe it’s needless to speak about how important it is to engage your audience all the time in a good sense. Hence, adding the best discord fun bot becomes the essential need for people you.

However, with thousands of bots out there, it’s quite troublesome to choose the best ones. That’s why we will list here only the top 10 best Discord bots that are not just popular but also are quite interesting and can engage people with fun.

Have a look on best discord bots for fun:

1) Mudae

Mudae is one of the best fun discord bots for servers. It includes more than 60,000 characters (waifu) from animes, manga, video games, and other serials. That’s a big chance to grab some extra fun. All the characters that you will get in this Discord bot are well-made, detailed by thousands of fans that continuously add new updated features into them.

Mudae bot spam characters onto a server. People around there can catch them. And customized them in detail like dressings, hairs, eyes, and any body part you would like to edit is possible. 

The fun begins with its multiplayer mode, where people compete with each other’s waifu; A strategical fight to show off what you got. Word-based games and many other fun features are included there.

Conclusively, if your audience is attached to animes then there is no way you can ignore this bot. As it’s full community-driven of anime-fans and they serve a great joy of having a waifu; similar to Pokémon where you train a Pokémon but in this bot, there are characters instead of Pokémon like Pikachu.

2) OwO

we can bring fun vibes to a server it is one of the entertaining discord bots. A lot of commands are out there to do everything out of the box, popularity-wise it’s among the top popular Discord bots.

With the best discord bot for fun, people on a server can hunt animals, pet them in order to compete with people worldwide. A weekly, monthly leaderboard is there to bump you up every time when you see that, you will also want to be in the hall of fame. Well to become among the top players, you will really have to spend a lot of time on this bot, master the gambling part so you can get coins quickly.

There are so many fun activities that come up with this Discord bot. Such that it can be a meme generator to a server, list top ranking, count points on an economical table, many funny gifs to call, several emotes to be used such as blush, lush, cry, dance, lewd, pout, shrug, sleepy. And many actions to perform with the animals you’ve kept.

Grow your pet’s collection, use commands to explore this bot up to its edges as it’s being said this bot is among the long-run bots you will ever come across.

All in all, give this bot a try and see how this will bring great amusement to your server. 

3) Dank Memer

Hardly one can deny that Dank Memer is among the best Discord bots. You can get the idea about its populace from joining some active servers. I bet you will most likely find this there.

So what makes this best discord bot for fun, so great is its meme-material that is extensive enough to deal with any conversation, by means that regardless of the conversation that is going on, you can call a meme related to the conversation, only possible if you’ve added this server.

Besides, it has added a currency system, which adds additional flavor to this bot as people can steal money, rob, and gamble just for the sake to increase their coins. For the reason that this bot has a shop from where people can trade coins with some special items in the shop. 

I personally used Dank memer, so I can say it’s an enjoyable experience with this discord bot. Please give it a go for a few days, you will soon realize that it has become an essential need for your discord server in a concise amount of time.

4) TacoShack

Taco shack bot can be a best choice for people looking for a fun and interesting discord bot. It centroid upon running a taco shop, like virtually selling tacos and get money in return for every successful sale you made.

Well, don’t think it’s going to an easy to compete with the top players, because for this you’ve to upgrade your taco shop to make it appealing for customers. Use decorative materials that can be purchased against in-game coins, and also there is something similar to advertisements that can drive more sales when you use it.

What’s so fun here that you have to be the top richest person, and you must be shown on the weekly dashboard. But it’s not going to be easy, you have to build up a franchise by hiring co-workers, partners, and so forth.

In the end, I will say this is the best bot and has the potential to bring fun on a server; there are more useless yet fun things to do. 


Epic RPG is a bot similar to dungeons but added a taste of memes and other interesting things to mess around. If your server is related to gaming stuff, then adding this onto your server will output great joy and fun for all the members.

Epic RPG has the concept of an RPG game. That means you have to build up your character, purchase armors, weapons, and things that will make your character a winner when fighting against other players in the world.

Each victory will give you some rewards in return, which can be used to unlock upgraded commands that are not available for everyone. Therefore the more you progress the stronger your character will be as you will opt for new tactics, attacks, weapons, etc.

Like other many fun bots, this one also has a coin system and everyone wants to maximize it. Although you will find daily rewards there, they are not enough for competing. Therefore, do some gambling with your coins and try your luck. Apart from this, do mining to increase your resources and sell them for coins.

Ultimately, this discord bot brings activities to a server. Engage your audience with a complete RPG game.

this is the complete list of best discord bots for fun tell us in the comment sections which one did you liked.

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