Best Discord bots for music

Best Discord Bots for Music in 2021- Top 6 Bots

Finding best discord bots for music is quite difficult right? Discord music bots went viral these days. And why not? The music bots play music in the background while chatting on a server, and every member listens to the same music at the same time, and don’t forget the voting feature to skip the currency playing song, which often turns out to be a fun thing. 

The Disord Music bots also allow us to shuffle audio/volume control. Most of them have integrated APIs of the popular-music streaming websites. However, with a vast number of discord music bots out there, it became a trickier task to find out the best discord music bot for a server. 

So, if you’re also looking for a fair comparison of music bots? We’ve got you covered then; in this article, we shall list out the top picked discord music bots for every server, based on their features and the number of servers in which they are currently being used.

Best Discord Bots for Music

1) Rhythm

Best Discord bots for music

Rhythm Music bot earns the top slot on this list. It’s a deserving music bot with over a 16millions+ servers integrated. Interestingly, once people integrate this bot on their discord server,  don’t look further as it pleases them from the heart-core.

Rhythm bot features all the essential peculiarities that a music bot must-have, but it covers them far better. The features include searching for songs, youtube, Spotify, sound cloud, and major music platforms, playing a song via a URL, queuing, looping, skipping back or forward, and many others.

You can expect a lag-free audio streaming experience. The sound quality is also a big plus over there and can even be increased by buying the premium plan, which costs around 4.99$ per month for one server.

Like other bots, some of its features are hidden behind a paywall, which includes controlling volume, sound effects, bass mode, and so forth. My verdict on this bot is that it is one of the best discord bot for music.

2) Groovy


Groovy is also a top-rated music bot, integrated into more than a 10+million servers. The best thing it gets updated quite often, which speaks that the developer’s team behind this music is supporting it well, plus each new update brings up something new to that.

Want to fill up your server with music? Get this Groovy bot to start listening to music in seconds. No more stress to set up things. Just invite it and get things ready to go. Get all the features on your hand, from searching for a song on popular audio streaming websites to put a specific song URL. Not just play only audio, use the lyrical command to get the lyrics on your server of numerous songs. (Lyrics features is included in the free mode)

This music bot claims that it has support for more audio streaming websites than any alternative music bot you see out there.

However, since it’s not all for free, the premium version has more support for commands, and the volume controlling feature is among them. It also includes audio effects, speed up or slow, pitch changing, many newly added commands that need to be crossed its paywall to access.

The premium Discord Groovy bot costs $3.99/month for one server.

3) Fredboat

It’s definitely a go-to music bot for small servers, it’s entirely free to use, so you don’t need to pay to access any extra features, neither it has such a thing. Although, in terms of popularity, it’s not well-known like others on the list, yet the free word about this music and the fun bot is something that makes it stand out.

Fredboat can play songs by searching or via a link to many popular websites, so you don’t need to worry about it your favorite to be played or not. And, relative features such as stoping, next, back, such basics music players functions are out there.

One thing to mind here about fredBoat that it is basically not a music-focused bot. You can say it’s an all-in-one bot that can handle moderation stuff, brings fun to your server, and things like gaming are added in this bot.

The moderation commands are more than enough for handling a server, set your own infrastructure on words, limit warning, and let this bot take the action if someone exceeds the warning in a given amount of time.

This makes it super useful as long as you think you need a moderating partner because even you’re the admin of your server; chilling with your member is a fun thing to do.

Since it’s free, so that’s why it doesn’t back up by large servers and is not recommended for big servers as well, many people have been experienced that It has some issues with uptime.

4) Vexera


Vexera is also a nice choice of bot for music. However, it’s not a fully music-focused bot, and you can expect this bot to be worked flawlessly. 

Like other music bots on the list, it has support for features like playing audio from the different websites, including youtube, SoundCloud, Twitch for streaming, Bandcamp, mixer, and plenty of others that guarantee you will never miss any song. I nearly forgot you could fetch the lyrics of a song as well with this bot.

Also, the music-player functions that probably you will want fully working, this bot has them all. From querying to voting features or turning up and down, the volume has been added recently. 

Some of the features require a premium plan to have them again, and unfortunately, the volume controlling is also under these circumstances.

Out of the box, this bot does more than just playing music on a server. For example, you can set a whelming text for newcomers or leave your last text to members who leave. This bot is capable of such sorts of tasks.

Want to play games? Bring this bot for this purpose and let your members play text-based games. 

All in all, the vexera bot cuts down the cluster of filling a server with different bots. And who should you need when this bot can handle for you pretty much everything, even moderating such as banning, setting infrastructure, kicking out? The bot has covered every-corner inch out of the box.

5) Hydra


Hydra is a pure music-focused bot and fairly popular and interested more than 8+ million discord servers. The popular streaming websites, including youtube, Spotify, Bandcamp, and many others out of the box.

The Hydra bot’s best thing is that the sound quality and the uptime duration are above average than others I’ve seen, plus you will barely experience any kind of lagging experience with this bot. Whether the song is running live from the website or you’ve added the file, it will deliver you the same quality sound by means of a good experience.

The features packed up in this bot are quite useful; importantly, the music player functions like playlists and skip, vote skip, loop, move a song within a queue or to the top of the queue, shuffle, or replay songs easily get in hands.

Interestingly, this bot can find out the song’s information with its command info(song name). 

Lastly, the Hydra music bot has more commands than any other music bot. The overwhelming commands like creating a playlist, saving it, shuffling a playlist, jumping a song, removing a song from a playlist, creating a queue, or customizing it. On top of them, the admin can put a ban on a member so he cannot use this bot’s common anymore. 

It’s also a freemium music bot. Like other bots, it has hidden some features behind the paywall. Again! The volume controlling feature is available for only paid members. 

6) Chip


Another best music bot for discord with the same commands that you will get on the other music bots. For intense, fetching out songs from various websites, looping, shuffling, and setting up a playlist or save playlists and things like that which make chip music bot a good alternative to others.

The best part of this music bot is hidden inside its music-taste.  Such that many music-related features are there like changing pitch, adding bass, applying audio effects, and plenty of others which speak to that this bot has been made up by someone with good knowledge in the music industry, as the equalizers are there to clarify my words.

Since it’s just a music bot, so it has a good grip over the quality of the audio and gives a lag-free experience even the server is big enough. It doesn’t let down easily as it’s claimed to be one of the best music servers with great uptime.

Although most of its features are free, it has premium features too, that cost $5/month and lets you use 24/7 mode.

How to add a music bot to a discord server?

To add a bot to a server, you have to be the admin.

Step.1 Either way, just create a new server by clicking on the icon and give your server a unique name.

Step.2 After you’ve successfully created a new server on discord, now head over the bot’s website which you want to add onto your server. For example, let’s pick the Groovy music bot. visit their website, and click on the invite link.

Step.3 The browser may ask you to add the login details to proceed to the discord app. Hence, provide the login details, and let’s step ahead.

Step.4 If you’ve more than one server on your discord’s profile, then you may be asked to choose the server to which you want to invite this music bot. Just Click on the server’s name.

Step.5 It’s done. Just wait for a while until the bot gets downloaded on your server. It usually takes a few minutes, depending upon the network’s speed, and the bot’s size. On average, it takes 3 minutes to finish off.

Afterward, once the bot has been added to your server. You should check out the documentation of the bot to read the commands so that you can actually understand how to use it.  Most of the bots have we;;-prepared documentation on their website. So, it’s better to take a glance at them.

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