Best disLooking for some Best Discord dating servers for teens girls and Boys hang out? We have got you covered with more than 60 discords server’s list to let you enjoy online dating with teenscord dating servers

Best Discord Dating Servers for Teens Girls and Boys 2021

Looking for some Best Discord dating servers for teens girls and boys? We have got you covered with more than 60 discords server’s list to let you enjoy online dating with teens. Get yourself ready as you will most likely be going to make a new girlfriend/boyfriend soon. I wish you good luck.

On these discord dating servers, you will find teen girls and boys from different countries, India, the USA, Canada, Thailand, China, Russia, and across the people worldwide.

50 Best Discord Servers for Dating

Dating Advice

Dating advice is a community of broken people. If you’re also one of them like recently dumped by someone? You’re welcome on this server where a lot of people will heal your soul. And also they will guide you about your future dates. While this is happening, you may find your soulmate on this server who may have been dumped as you.

Minecraft Love and dating

If you’re a Minecraft gamer and looking for a partner to play with, meanwhile in game-date, you real if you could impress a teen girl or boy. This is going to be the best dating server, for you in the real sense.

Most of the girls on this server are from the USA so it will be easier for you to communicate with them if you understand the English language in the first place.


Simp Gods

One of the active dating servers on discord with more than 10,000 people joined. An active community is out there who are looking for a perfect partner; wait it could be you. Get a chance to try it, try looking around on this server. If you’re lucky enough, you will not have to be alone anymore. I’ve personally joined this server and found so many partners to hang out with. 


💫Soft Hub💫

Most are teens, girls, and boys on this server, which makes it one of the best discord dating servers to join. So if you’re a teenager, want to hang out? Why are you waiting? Move a step towards a brighter chance to get a partner. By the way, most of the talks on this server are related to dating, romance, love songs, and teen stuff.


Lovers Nation

As the name suggests, it is going to be a server full of lovers, or people who’ve ever felt the love. So you will find many topics to carry on with people joining this server. Along with that, there is a higher chance you will get the partner out of this server; one of the best discord dating servers I’ve used and been addicted to. However, so far i noticed on this discord has mostly teen girls than boys. 


Waifu Shop

Waifu shop is not just a dating point on the server. There are teenagers who live like a family, chill together, have fun, and the best thing the environment is pretty maintained, so no nudes, hentai will be posted there. Therefore if you just recently dumped someone, this is a place to join and pull off the stress you might have gotten in return. Again, the best discord server for teenagers to get a chance to date.


𝕋𝕖𝕖𝕟 ℍ𝕦𝕓

One of the discord servers that I personally recommend you to give a try. Only if you’re pissed off really bad or generally want to hang out with strangers, anyway, on this server, the members mostly talk about teen stuff, so I would like to say here if you are a teenager, there are higher chances that it’ll make you happy. Possibly it would be a turning point in your life.


Tinder’s Teen Cousin

Do you use tinder? If so, then believe me. You don’t need to use it anymore when you can get the same person on this discord dating server. Widely the members out there are from tinder, mainly ones who still have not found the perfect partner as they expect. So give this server a go and hang out there with people like you.


Teenage Cafe

One more time, my favorite discord dating server, largely members out there, chill together, play games, listen to music, and often the topic goes to movies and web series. As the main theme of this server is to find a dating partner, and this is what you are indeed looking for, so don’t miss this chance.


Teen Chillzone | Boost Us

 Join this server if you really want to chill out online with people who are willing to join you. Play games, quizzes, and try to impress a member you like. The thing I come across in this group is most people are big fans of movies and songs. Out of games, by the way, it is still fun and one the best communities on the discord for finding the loved one you’ve ever wished.



It’s for people above 15+, most of the members in this group talk about love, some try to find a lover, and on the other, breakups are also a part of this game. So, if you want yourself to indulge in such a lovely environment where most are adults. You’re well off to be on this server.


Azkaui Server

Let’s be honest, it goes out of limits as members out there often share nud*s so, if you’ve self-control then only join otherwise I would recommend you as there are already thousands of members messing around the group, overall not fun but only weird stuff.


Love Cave

This server is extremely strict, Only people above 18+ can get into the server. The content here mostly is sort of erotic, romantic, so far as I don’t like it because it seems to like out of limits. Don’t recommend it as long as you’re mature and understand how to pull off such stuff


Dating Server for Under 13

At is Not a Cult

It’s fun and the best place to date on discord. The thing I like there most is that people actually love to chat, share memes are many are indeed great members though! So count this discord in if you’re willing to join anywhere you can find your partner while having a fun time.


Love Central

It is also for 18+ people so, once again if you’re less than that in age don’t think of joining this Discord server. However, if you try this, the admins will find out and kick you away. 


Ejaculate and Evacuate

People who love to fall in love, or want to make partners online preferably are good to join this discord server. The only thing that I didn’t like there was MEMES. Overall for dating purposes, you’re openly welcome there.


Teen Hangout

Chill, hang out with strangers, and try dating partners; one of the big discord servers for adults basically. However the name sounds like a teenager so, it’s a trap to fall in love with someone adult.


Ugly People Dating

Again a restricted dating server on discord, only 18+ people are welcomed there. Well, as the name sounds unique so far, but there is nothing like that. All people are beautiful, so don’t mind the name.


The Pigeon Pen

This is also a big server of discord with more than 10,000 people. The thing here that may disappoint you is, mostly there are Indians so you have to speak Hindi.


Hent+i Cult

Well, the name of this server of discord is terrifically insane. That’s the reason I didn’t join this, neither I’m recommending you guys. I’ve listed this server for the purpose of people who may be interested in anime servers, but 18+ can join. Needless to say, anime’s servers are usually more active than the rest of the others, so you will most likely find your favorite dating partner on this server.


Shy Hangout

Well, if you are a shy type of person, don’t interfere fully? Join this discord server so there will be like-minded people you may love to chat with. 


Hex’s Haven

A fully dating discord server, people of all ages are welcome to hang out. And the rules are not strict there so kindly be careful with the content out there.


Canadian Hangout

As the name speaks for itself, mostly girls and boys on this server are from Canada. So, if you’re also from there this is going to be a big plus as not just virtually, you may get a chance to meet your dating partner in real life.


Yuri’s Heaven

Most people on this discord dating server are from the USA, and specifically, girls and boys who love to hang out with strangers. So, if you’re from the USA you will find this really fun and might be the best server for teenagers.


Beautiful People

The following discord server is full of teen girls and boys from all over the world, like Germany, the USA, Indians, China, that like to date virtually, like to hang out with strangers.



Another on our list top discord server for girls and boys meetups. If you feel alone, don’t have a partner to show off your emotions? Here is the big community having the same situation. Most of the time on this discord server the teen girls and boys date virtually. 


E-Girls Heaven

This Discord server is technically for girls, teens or adults both are out there. However, if you are a boy you may not find any fun there. For girls, it will be a great discord server to join to talk about some of your love experiences.


Alespias’ Isle

On this discord dating, most of the people are from China. That means expect some Chinese language speaking people there. However, the girls and boys do speak English often. But, not fun tough. 



A discord server for Thailand girls and boys. If you’re also from Thailand. You get the best match for teen girls and boys to date on discord. 



For gamers girls and boys, this is the best discord dating server you’ll even find if you miss this time. Play games, share memes, talk about openly with teenagers, and most people are there from the USA, for you will not have to deal with language as long as you know English.


Glory Hole Hotel

It’s full of teen girls and boys. Most of the time the members try to impress each other, convince them, and often play some games and share photos. Overall a nice discord server filled with cute girls.


Oddsmile12’s pokep*rn Server

This server has got a good number of members than other discord users for teen dating. It’s more focused on anime talks, so mostly teen girls and boys are on this Discord server from China, Japan.


The Draconians Den

People looking at a discord server full of teen girls where you can chat them on audio chats openly? This is the best one so far that I’ve ever been through. 


The ERP Area #Change this Server

On this server Talk with strangers, make new friends online, boys or girls both are out there you just have to dare to speak to them in a way that they get impressed by your personality.


The Pub!

If you are a teen and looking to join the discord for dating, you have landed in the best place ever. The server has got all you need and there is no age restriction as well.


Starlight Garden (18+)

Welcome to the Starlight Garden, a server for having fun with teenagers, be lewd, enjoy a wonderful community! It is a compatible space for people who want to talk openly, and do not shy while talking to strangers.

♡ PlayRoom ♡

Get your perfect teen partner match. The playroom is the right choice for you when dating online with strangers. Luckily, a big part of this discord server is filled up with teens girls/boys.

Lucky’s Club (18+)

This Lucky’s club server is only for 18+ people who don’t mind adult content, talks, chattings, memes as well. and want to join an active and growing community where they can enjoy open-minded talks.

Hangoutˎˊ nitro Gas

Hangout nitro is a discord server that is a good choice for people who want to hang out online. The best part here, you don’t need to reveal your identity as long as you show yourself. The best part of this discord server is the rules are not strict.

Allegiance 18+

 Allegiance a discord dating server owns a community of 27,000 teens girls and boys. It’s not for kids because the material in this discord server may not be suitable for kids. Although the anime, games, and on different topics people out there often talk about.

Purple Prison

Purple prison discord server is one of the best and active discord dating servers for teenagers. It owns a community of 28k members, unlike others, it is well-maintained and hell active.

Dating Lounge 

The dating lounge Discord server is only for teens, there are more than 18k members actively enjoying it on this server. If you want to join them, this server is the tunnel for you to reach to the right space according to your preference. 

RedRoom 18+

RedRoom discord server is strictly only for adults, you should be a minimum of 18+ to join this community. Even though there are not many rules, still if you misbehave with any members the moderators will ban you before you realize what your mistake was. Simply means, nobody on this server will tolerate the immature behavior, most likely you don’t like it too. 

Akuma II


A discord server that is mixed up with two tastes, one is a dating server and the second anime. That means you will find their buddies with a deep interest in anime, and for dating they are ready to go. Just impress them in the best way possible with your appearance, you will definitely get the right soul mate for you.


The squad is a community for everyone, not specifically love, anime, fun, adult games, but everything you will find on this server. Talk about games, animes, and any topics you would want to discuss, their people are also like you who have an interest in one too many topics. 

Chill/Single Lounge

The single lounge is a discord server where you can make online friends, date them, and have fun together. Moreover, on this server, you will see some Discord fun bots, anime chats, gaming chats, and much more. Throughout my experience, I see this server is growing too fast than others.

Match Hotel

MAtch hotel is a server for some awesome members, there are humble admins, mods, and members that are active, start your discussion with any topic, and have fun while being the kindest members ever. By the way, there are not pathetic rules to restrict you from getting drunk, share what you want, but anyone on this server openly. 

Dating Corner

Hello there people! This is a dating service where you can either find some good friends/the person you’re looking to match with. Also, there many friendly people here, and everyone is welcomed

Bussy Treatment

Bussy treatment is a fun place, you can play games, listen to music, and most importantly you can talk to strangers in the way you wish just don’t be so rude to them instead flirting is not prohibited though.

Bella’s Hangout

Bella’s hangout is a fan-based community of the girl Bella. She entertains her fans by playing games and sends her hot pictures that is what most of her fans ask for. It’s a server for open-minded teens who can tolerate bold language. Besides, as the environment is full of hotness you could find a lover too.


Looking for real love? Harmony is the place for you. We are a group of lovely people, we believe in equality thus every one of us treats new members and old members in the same way. If any misunderstanding takes place, our moderators and admins are always there like a shadow to discuss your problems.

𐐪 𝐚𝐩𝐭 𝟐𝟐𝟐 𐑂

Want some friends or someone closer to a best friend to share your feelings, heart? Join the apt 222 community then, the people on this server are polite, trustworthy, and a big part of them understand the feelings, they know how to respect people.

Dating For Adults 18+

Welcome to Dating For Adults! It is only for teens to make friends and then turn it into a long-lasting relationship. The only rule is to be followed here, you must be a mature teen, and the adult content doesn’t bother you at all.

✨ Catie’s 

Do you want to chat with a hot girl? Join Catie, it’s a server where a girl named Catie shares his photos and often entertains his users. Since the number of members has increased so far, that’s being said now it’s no more Katie’s fan group yet to become a dating server.

E-Girl’s Nightclub

E girl’s nightclub discord server is not less than an online club. Are you a teen? Looking to hang out but doesn’t have permission to do it? Be a part of this community and explore the fun you’ve wanted.

One Love

One love discord server is strictly restricted for adults, repeating again it’s only for adults so anyone less than 18 should not join this server. Because the content on this server is highly above immature. Join this only if you are a mature teen, this server will relax you.

⁰²𝐋𝐨𝐯𝐞 𝐂𝐚𝐯𝐞

Love cave is a basic Dating server. All types of people, whether under 13, under 18, teenagers, adults are welcome, let’s appeal to your needs so you can have a wonderful time on this server with wonderful people around the globe! Keep in mind, it is an NSFW server, and there is a separate channel for that sort of material.


Are you too bored with this pandemic? Living home alone? Keep this burden out. Be a part of this Juicy community, talk about love, dates, and also try to flirt with the members. Honestly, it’s the most active dating server.

𝚂𝚊𝚔𝚞𝚛𝚊 桜

𝚂𝚊𝚔𝚞𝚛𝚊 桜 is a young social server where you can meet new people and later them into your soul mates, create relationships that last for years to come, have fun with strangers flirting is an ART; show your art in this server but always be in the limits. This dating place is suitable for those under 13.


Have you been dumped by someone lately? Forget it and move on. And your first move should be to join this discord dating server where you can make friends, create social bonds that will make you forget your past in no time.

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