Best Music Bot for Discord

Best Music Bot for Discord That Everyone Should Use 2021

Discord has been around for a while now and is widely being used. Almost all discord users are familiar with discord bots. The bots perform a lot of tasks and provide additional features for Discord. Do you want to listen to music? Discord music bots are there for you.

These readily available bots allow you to play music on your server from any music player app like YouTube, Spotify, Dailymotion, apple music, and SoundCloud, etc. A music bot gives you a great chance to have a virtual party with your friends and share new music with them. However, as there are many discord music bots available, it is hard to choose the best music bot for discord.

In this article, you will read about how to select the best music bot for discord and how to make a music bot in a discord server.

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Best Music Bots for Discord

Best Music Bot for Discord

Here is a list from which you select the best music bot for Discord.

1. Octave

Octave is a well-liked Discord music bot with numerous features. This bot allows you to play songs from different platforms, create a playlist of your favorite songs. You may add tunes to the queue or remove them.

It is user-friendly and allows you to play, pause, add, remove, skip, see lyrics or randomize a queue, and much more! The premium version adds more to it. With octave pro, you can change volume settings, add effects, create longer queues and play songs for a longer duration on more than one server.

2. 24/7

As the name suggests, this bot plays songs day and night on your server. With this bot, you can stream any radio channels, songs from Spotify or YouTube, and even live videos from YouTube. The commands are simple and you can get a list of commands by typing mb help.

The premium version is cheap and even cooler. It allows you to enjoy high-quality audio, play songs 24/7, import playlists from other apps, volume adjustments, and much more. These amazing functionalities make this bot qualified for the best music bot discord list.

3. Groovy

Groovy bot is another one of the best discord music bot list options. It is a free bot that allows you to share and enjoy lots of music with your friends. Groovy comes with a number of features that are easy to use. With Groovy, you can stream songs, display lyrics, and shuffle music.

The Groovy commands are simple and allow you to stream audio smoothly. The premium version is cost-effective and gives you more audio control like adjusting bass or adding effects like night core or vaporwave to your music. Groovy is the best music Discord bot for larger servers.

4. FredBoat


Now, let us talk about FredBoat music bot for Discord. This bot is simple to add to your discord server. With FredBoat, you can play songs from any music platform out there. This also allows you to add playlists and enjoy live streams.

One of the best features of FredBoat is that you do not always have to search music from the platform and paste a link, you can directly type in the song and FredBoat will find and play it. You can shuffle songs or put a song on loop. This bot allows you to allow certain members to have music control. It is completely free to use.

5. Hydra

One of the latest bots, Hydra bot, enables you to stream songs from a wide range of platforms including YouTube, Bandcamp, SoundCloud, Spotify, and Deezer. It is the best music discord bot for Spotify. This is not just it; you can also play any audio file you have or stream live radio with hydra.

The discord Hydra bot provides full control of the music, allowing the users to create queues, add, remove, skip, replay, loop, move songs in the playlist, shuffle, or see lyrics. Moreover, you can set members to use the bot. The premium version is only $2.99 per month and enables you to change volume, add fun effects, play music all day long, and create several playlists.

6. Rythm

Rythm is another music bot that offers similar features. With rythm, you can stream songs on a server with a bunch of people, create and access playlists, add music to queues, and set DJ roles for members. You can display the textual lyrics of the song you are playing.

It is easy to manage by anyone and completely free. Admins can control music streaming from its web tool. Rythm is a popular music bot that gives you high-quality streaming.

7. Chip Bot

Chip music bot for discord, it is also totally free. Like other bots, it allows you to play songs from different music platforms; not only youtube and Soundcloud, but also, Bandcamp, Twitch, Mixer, and Vimeo. You may skip, add, shuffle, move, fast forward, rewind songs.

The amazing thing about the chip is that, unlike other bots, it offers audio adjustment features and effects like changing volume, bass, and equalizer for free. In addition to that, it allows you to stream radio transmission from over 150 stations. While most of the main features are available for free, it also offers certain premium features that allow you to access more audio effects.

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How to Make a Music Channel on Discord?

How to Make a Music Channel on Discord

Discord server allows you to interact with as many people as you want to. Adding music to the server will make your server more fun. After selecting the best music bot for Discord, the next step is to add it to your server.

Here is a guide on how to add a music bot to your server and create a music channel.

Create a Server

If you do not have a server, create one. Click on the + icon. Enter your name and specify your region.

Get Rights

If you want to add a music bot to an existing server, make sure either you are the owner or you have admin rights to the server. If you do not have the administration rights, you will have to ask the owner to assign you rights. You can check what rights you have by going through the roles in server settings. Now you can add a bot to your server.

Add Bot

Now all you have to do is look up the website of your favorite music bot. Go through the page and find the add or invite button. Clicking on the add button will enable you to select from a list of servers to add the bot.

It may ask you to log in first if you are not signed in. Now after passing the reCAPTCHA, and clicking Authorize, the music bot will be added to your server.

Create a Music Channel

It is a good idea to create a separate voice channel for your music bot. For this, go to the voice channels, click on the + button and give it a name. Now all you have to do is enter commands of the bot you are using either to join or play a song. Now you can move the bot to the voice channel in which you want to play music.

Now the bot is active on your server and you can do whatever you want to do using various commands.

Final Words

To conclude, there is a wide range of music bots available for you. You can select the best music bot for Discord from the list above by considering the features and your needs.

Each bot has its pros and cons. Discord music bots are quickly added to your server.

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