Security Bots for Discord

6 Best Security Bots for Discord To Try In 2021

Discord has now become one of the most popular applications for chatting. It is the favorite platform for gamers. Discord bots add numerous additional features and more fun to your discord server. These bots are your virtual helpers for using discord. If you have your server, you will know that it is quite a job to moderate it. When a lot of people are added to your server, there is an increased chance of it getting raided or spammed. You cannot moderate your server 24/7. Also, it is necessary to organize your server and protect it from spam or any unauthorized activity. That is when protection bot discord comes in handy.

In this article, you will read about security bots for discord and how to prevent discord raids.

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Protection Bot Discord

Protection Bot Discord

The internet is full of indecent people who love to disturb or even destroy your community. They may not only spam your chat but may also share inappropriate links. This behavior causes chaos in your community, and many people may end up leaving your server. Security bots for discord are designed to prevent these unauthorized activities.

How does a Raid Protection Bot Discord Work?

A raid protection bot basically moderates your server. Such bots can block your server within seconds to prevent raiding and spamming. Some bots may also kick out unwanted users. Getting raided on your server is a nightmare; the powerful features in a discord raid protection tool can protect you from it. In addition to that, some security bots also allow you to add the trusted members of your community in a separate list so that they do not get kicked out.

What is a Discord Raid Tool?

As the name suggests, a discord raid tool is a tool that enables a person to spam or raid a discord server. Such programs are used by the raiders to make their task easier for them. These tools are designed in a way that they can send more than thousands of messages to spam your channel. Raid protection bot discord can help to make their mission unsuccessful.

Best Security Bots for Discord

Best Security Bots for DiscordMost bots available for discord are free with some premium features. Discord bots are easy to download and can do lots of good for your server. Here is a list of security bots for discord that you can use to protect your community.

1. MEE6

MEE6 is a popular moderation bot for discord. You can use it to automatically manage your server and set it to perform certain activities using commands. For example, you can set this bot to display a welcome message when a new user joins your community.

This bot can check your server for any unnecessary activities like spamming or explicit content. It can instantly remove or ban suspect users from the server. In addition to security, it offers many fun features. You can upgrade to the premium version to unlock more moderating tools.

2. Aethex

Aethex is an exception bot for discord. The thing that makes it different from other bots is that it is an all-rounder bot. In other words, this single bot has utilities like game integration, entertainment tools, and, most importantly, moderation. The moderation commands it offers to include mute, ban, unmute and kick, etc.

3. Dyno

Dyno is a widely used moderation bot because of its numerous commands and features. It offers commands to warn, ban, mute, kick out users, or even limit their activities.

Dyno can also prevent the discord from deleting messages of the user that has been banned. Moreover, it can also lock a channel for some time. Despite the moderating facilities, dyno has many other interesting commands like creating a pole or playing music. The premium version has even more useful functionalities.

4. Arcane

Arcane is also an excellent moderation bot and can help to protect your server. You can put certain words on your blacklist. If the arcane bot finds anyone using blacklisted words, it will kick out such a user in seconds.

Also, it instantly detects spamming and bans the user responsible for it. If unethical discussion persists in a chat, it can lock the channel. This bot can assign roles to various users. You can unlock more features by using the premium version.

5. Wick Bot

Wick Bot is the first discord bot that was created to protect a server from raids, and that is why it is trusted by many users. It is a great tool to protect your server from raiders. The amazing upgrades have improved its functionality even more.

It can instantly filter spam messages without disturbing the activity of other users. Moreover, it also verifies and blocks any suspicious user from joining your server. Despite its advanced features, it is easy to use.

6. ProBot

ProBot is one of the latest moderation bots for discord. It can send automated welcome messages to the new members. It can also enable you to set responses for a specific word or message. Like other bots, it can also kick out the user using offensive language or spamming your channel.

The additional feature it offers is that it can also move the suspect to the voice channel where a human moderator can interact with them. It can also lock a channel and clear all the messages.

The other functionalities it offers include playing music and automatic role assigned. The premium version allows you to change volume and many more moderation features.

How to Prevent Discord Raids?

security-raids-discord Security bots for discord can help you to tackle raid situations, but you can try to prevent raids from the beginning. Here are some tips to prevent raid attacks and make your discord server more secure.

1. Two-Factor Authentication

Some people may try to sign in from your account and misuse your server or destroy it. Two-factor authentication is a great way to protect your account from any unverified logins.

2. Privacy Setting for Direct messages

Enable the global privacy setting for direct messages to instantly block any message from random users.

3. Set Server Moderation

Go to the server settings and level up the automated server moderation option. This will activate automatic detection of inappropriate messages or content and instantly delete such things.

4. Link Filter

The spooky link filter verifies the suspicious links and prevents you from opening links sent by an unknown user.

5. Safe DM Option

This option allows the discord bots to see your private messages as well and delete any suspicious content.

6. High verification

The enhanced verification level option only enables the people with a verified contact number to join your server and blocks any spam account.  Always keep your privacy settings in check to ensure security.

Final Words

To conclude, creating a community in your server and watching it getting raided in seconds can be devastating, but you do not need to worry as security bots are here for your rescue.

Discord bots can help you moderate your server with many additional advantages. You can use any of the above-mentioned bots to protect your server from spam and raids.

These bots are user-friendly and make your job as a moderator a lot easier. In addition to using bots, you must carefully manage your privacy settings to prevent any destruction in your server.

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