Discord does not have access to your microphone iPhone

Discord does not have access to your Microphone iPhone 2021

Discord does not have access to your microphone iPhone

If your Discord does not have access to your microphone iPhone. Well, in this blog I will tell you how to deal with this issue; Discord access to the microphone on iPhone. Throughout my experience, I see this issue often takes place in older versions of iPhones, including iPhone 7, iPhone 8, and old Ipads. Let’s puzzle it out.

The first thing to fix here, open up your iPhone settings. Tap on the discord app. From there “Allow microphone for this app” enable it. Now move back, and open the Discord app. Open the voice settings> input more to voice activity. Set sensitivity mode to automatic. Now the problem should be panned out. Enjoy!

Fix for iPhone and Android

The following steps can be applied for other related problems, like photos, cameras, so whenever you face such sort of issue in future. Revise the same step but definitely, permit the other values accordingly.

Step. 1 Open up the app

The first thing to make sure your app settings are fair. To do this, open up discord app> voice settings.


Step.2 Audio settings


Once you are in the audio settings option, apply the same settings as are in the image. Always enabled the sensitivity by the way. It will control the sound, neither let it be too loud nor too low, depending upon the situation.

Step.3 Open up iPhone settings


Regardless of the iPhone version you have. The setting interface is almost the same for all the iPhone versions. From there, look for the Discord app.

Step.4 Allow Microphone for Discord app


It is possible on your side, you will not find this setting. However, you can update your ios system, in case you have already updated one. Then try reinstalling the app, and it will be there after that.

One thing I must add here, the older version of iPhone devices. Mainly iPhone 6 has not these settings, and sadly there is no way around getting them. 

Everything has been set up. Now your mic should be working with your iPhone. Again there is no guarantee if you’re experiencing any kind of bugs on your side. Then, unfortunately, no way to fix that up. Because it is the only possible way that can help you legitly.

Well, there is one more step, basically not necessary but very important at the same time.

Step.5 No external speakers are connected (Optional)


Let’s say if the microphone is not working even after you follow the steps. It is better to turn off the external sources, Bluetooth or Hotspot. Because sometimes they raise this problem as discord apps could not understand the actual source of the sound.

On the other hand, if you are using headphones or any other external source for the discord app. Along with that, Discord doesn’t have the access to your microphone iPhone. Then, My recommendation will be to first focus on this problem, later you can do whatever you wish.

Using headphones or AirPods can also become a headache. Mostly when they don’t pick the mic up. In that condition, check the AirPods mic and ensure are they working properly? you can do this by opening the sound recorder app, speak up about anything using Airpods mic. If it is working fine, then it should also be working on the Discord app.

Advance Fix

I have seen a couple of iPhone users, apply this simple method but it does not work for them. That’s why I would like to throw some words for them, as I am the one who had to experience this.

My iPhone 8 was having a similar problem, even though I knew how to roll out the fix, but nothing was happening. Additionally, my Mic was fine but it was only catching problems with the Discord app.

I applied these processes.

  • Updated IOS
  • Reinstall app.
  • Restart mobile device

I am still not sure which one worked for me, as I didn’t check though. You may try this, significantly I would like to say you should first restart your mobile device. For a reason, your device might have broken some files related to discord. Therefore restarting will set them again, possibly your problem will also get resolved by doing this.

Related Problems-

Why don’t I have the microphone on my iPhone?

You might be miss played with some settings. It often relates to Siri. You need to enable it from iPhone settings> General> Siri. Your microphone option should be back now. In the event you see not changing after following this, it could be a difficult case then, probably your iPhone OS has caught some bugs in it, or the current version can’t working properly for accessing the microphone on iPhone. Wait for this, until the iPhone technicians resolved it.

No matter which app you use, you have to make sure that you have allowed all the required permissions. So you get access to all the functionality that an app offers like the Discord app. Opposed to this, you will face limitations, whether it could be associated with your photos, camera, and Microphone. You will keep facing such problems with different apps.

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