Discord does not show Spotify status

4 Ways to Fix Discord does not Show Spotify Status in Mobile & PC

Many users ask questions about discord does not show Spotify status. But doesn’t think what’s the reason behind it. It often happens with no specific reason behind when using the discord app.

The Discord app does not work properly with the Spotify app. If I’m not mistaken, you probably are also experiencing this same condition. Since there is no fundamental reason for why this comes to pass, I have found some workaround that works.

Take a look at the following ways; either of them will surely fix it. Also, take a look at discord vs. google hangouts

Fix.1 Reinstall your discord app and Spotify app. It works often.

Fix.2 Double-check if you have actually connected the Spotify to the discord app, or are they unlinked? Go to the discord settings>Connection, is it linked, it should be there or click to add it again.

Fix.3 Assuming both the apps are linked, but the discord app yet does not show status, then higher chances are there you have not to check marked the app. To do this, head back to the connection page, check-marked show Spotify status from there.

Fix.4 If you didn’t find a way yet, next to open the settings>Game activity at there, you would see a list of apps you’ve added earlier. Similarly, if you’ve added the app, then it should appear. We are assuming it is not working. Therefore you’ve to remove it and add it back. And always set enable Display currently running game as a status.

After following the fixes, both the app’s Discord & Spotify should work properly. However, if you’re looking for an image guide, we have managed that too.

How to Fix Discord does not Show Spotify Status?

As said earlier, this error is not an absolute path to follow. That is to say here you have to follow some different methods. Hopefully, one of them will be useful on your side as these are the only solution for this specific issue.

Restart or Reinstall the Apps

Sometimes the discord does not show Spotify status on the profile, just because of some bugs. When you have set up everything and didn’t get the way out of this problem, reinstalling both apps can truly be a fix-up to some extent. The reason behind it, when you reinstall any app, the previous data that we are assuming has gotten some sorts of bugs so that you can refresh it by just a Reinstall.

How to Reinstall

Open up the app manager on your Android device or IOS.

From there click on the Spotify app> Click on uninstall

How to Reinstall

Go to the app manager.

Find Discord app.

Tap on it and uninstall.

Link the Spotify to Discord app

Most people miss linking Spotify to the discord app, and as a result, discord does not show the status when they listen to music on Spotify. Hence first set out this case by linking Spotify to discord if you haven’t.

Here is how to do this.

Open up your discord settings by clicking the gear icon; either on Mobile or PC, the settings are the same.

Open the connection tab from there. 

Link Spotify to Discord

Add this is the page you will. Just add Spotify there if you haven’t already, not a big deal. On condition, if you’ve added, then unlinked it and revised the process again. Don’t forget to reinstall as well. It will give you a higher chance of working fine.

Don’t miss the second option from there that is “Display Spotify as your status.” Otherwise, the status wouldn’t show up there on your Discord profile.

Add Spotify in the Game activity settings on Discord.

Although this fix is basically not related to any of the status issues either, great chances are associated with this fix that it can get back the Spotify status on your Discord profile. 

Here is how to do this-

Discord adding spotify

To pursue this, you first have to go to the settings> and Game activity as showing in the image. Then, add the Spotify app there by clicking the add link up there. Browse the list of the app until you find Spotify add it by clicking on it. On these terms, if it already there but not working, then you can remove it and add it again. Restart your Discord, Restart Spotify, still reinstalling it a better option than restarting. If you are facing a problem in recovering the server then you can get different ways for the Discord server to delete itself.

Why are my Apps are now Showing on Discord?

You have to make sure a few certain things before long the Spotify status shows on the Discord app. First thing first, link your Spotify to your discord app. The process is no longer change for Ios devices or android and PC. Later when you’ve added successfully, now add Spotify to your Game activity. Don’t ever miss this important step otherwise it would not work as usual. 

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