Discord Fatal Javascript Error

How to Fix Discord Fatal JavaScript Error Easily in Few Steps 202

Discord-related errors are getting troublesome. One can no longer figure them out alone, since there are no specific reasons for them to occur. Thus, no hint!

No more worries! if you are having this problem; Discord fatal JavaScript error. Then, thankfully you are in the right place. We’ll be talking about how to fix it, in this blog post. We usually keep finding these types of errors that we think is a little complicated, in order to solve them for you.

First of all, let’s see why this Discord JavaScript error takes place.

Discord fatal JavaScript is a type of error that is caused by the installation files. It means, not all the Discord files are running as they should usually do. Besides, some anti-viruses scanners can crop up this type of error. Thus, closing the discord app from the task manager and deleting Discord files from local app data might be a solution.

Let’s walk through some fixes significantly for a fatal JavaScript error that has occurred in Discord.

Discord Fatal Javascript Error
Discord Fatal JavaScript Error

Discord fatal JavaScript error- Top 3 Fixes

There are three possible solutions that you can try to get rid of this Discord JavaScript error.

Here are they;

  1. Delete Discord Files in Localappdata & Appdata
  2. Switch off Antivirus Software
  3. Delete & Reinstall Discord

Let’s head over further, and see the step by step process of how you can do that.

Fix.1- Delete Discord Files in Localappdata & Appdata

Well, this method is a root for so many Discord-errors. In this case, this is your first time falling in error. At that point, there is a higher probability that you are not very well aware of this process.

This fix can be divided into two sub-processes because you will need to turn off Discord running in the background, and then you can delete Local App Data and App Data files.

Stop Discord running in the Background.

To close the Discord task manager, you can follow the below steps.

  1. Head into the Task Manager. It will be located at the right-bottom near the battery and sound icon. You can use the search bar to find out this option on your OS.
  2. Once you are in the Task manager, from the horizontal row options, go to the background running apps and stop all Discord’s actions.
  3. Make sure there are no more Discord files running in the Background.

After you did this successfully, now it’s time to Delete Local App Data of Discord files, don’t worry;, the files will come back once you reinstall the application. We have to delete these files only because we don’t know which one of them is popping up the javascript error.

Delete Local Appdata Discord files.

To do this, you can follow the mentioned steps.

  1. Move your mouse cursor to the top-left corner, RIGHT click on the window icon. You will see there an icon if you are on windows 10.
  2. A list will appear, containing some options; point your mouse cursor all the way down, Choose “RUN.”
  3. When you click on it, a pop up will be shown on your screen. It is basically a search bar. Hence, write “%appdata% there. It will take you to the directory in which your app data are being stored.
  4. Find the Discord Directory from there. If you feel difficulties, then you can use the “Directory search bar” and search for DISCORD.
  5. Once you reach out to the Discord directory, delete it.
  6. Revise this same process once more time, and this time write “%localappdata%.”
  7. In the same way, as you did before, find out the Discord folder, and delete it.

Keep in mind, deleting the discord folder from both of those folders is necessary. Anyhow if you see any restricted note while deleting, recheck the first step. See if you have really disabled all the running Discord-related operations.

Afterward, when you have done this all, reboot your computer, reinstall the Discord App.

The discord fatal javascript error will be no more. Enjoy chatting.

Under any circumstances, you are yet facing the Discord Javascript error. Then the next fix is right there for you.

Fix.2 Switch off Antivirus Software

A number of Discord users reported that they have solved this error by turning off anti virus programs. The reason why anti virus can crop up this Discord fatal javascript error is that, these programs put in backlist some of Discord installation files. Possibly due to these programs mark those files as a threat.

However, this is not only Discord javascript error that is raised by these programs, many more errors are out there that are associated with them.

Let’s see how to fix discord javascript error by switching off antiviruses programs.

  1. Hover your mouse over the Icon of antivirus, for example Avast.
  2. Right click on it> and open up the “User interface settings”
  3. A little down> Go to Troubleshooting
  4. Disable “Self defence” by unchecking.

You can now try installing the Discord again, this time all the files will run accordingly.

Needless to say, doing this will fix the Discord fatal javascript error. As it will pull off the blocker on the Discord files, for which the App is not installing appropriately.

Kindly note this optional step too, when turning off the antivirus program. A small number of actions kept running in the background, therefore head into the Task manager, if you see any of those files are running in the process. Turn them down, and put a Disable Mark on them.

Fix.3 Delete & Reinstall Discord

Last but not least, it is our ninja way to solve problems that often seem difficult at first glance. Similarly the Discord javascript error is also a type of headache that you should put this method up.

A number of Discord users have reported, they have solved this Discord javascript error by just deleting and reinstalling the app, however it is also up ahead; this method did not work for all of them. Yet we recommend you to do this once for a while.

Wrapping Up- Discord Javascript error solutions

I must say here that this problem does not have any obvious reason. It is always better if you don’t put much focus on a single method. For a reason that there is not any one way go-to solution that we can say will definitely  work, however, there are guaranteed fixes if you can manage to apply them all, mainly Discord-related files, turn off blockers, and reinstall. If you do this, then the chances of it will work fine are sky-high.

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