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How to Gift Discord Nitro – Discord Nitro Gift in the Mobile app in 2021

Gifting Nitro is the most convenient way to express your love to someone on Discord. You have a chance to send it to the user who you want to have this opportunity, and claiming the Gift is also the second important part that you perhaps want in the simplest way possible, so it is.

To send a Nitro subscription gift to someone on Discord, head into the user settings, open the Discord Nitro, there you will see options appearing for Nitro Gifts, click to proceed with payment, and send the link to the users you want.

Discord is for sure a popular chatting platform, so it comes up with such strategies to bring people closer while maintaining a family environment.

In the event, if you don’t already know what Discord Nitro boost is, let me give you a brief introduction on this.

Nitro gift is a premium subscription. One who has this subscription will have access to custom emojis and can use an animated avatar. The most worthy service you get from a Nitro subscription is that you can boost a server with a 30% drop in the normal price.

Let’s get back to the main topic, and let me show you a picture guide with steps to gift someone a Nitro subscription.

Discord nitro gift
How to gift discord Nitro

Gifting Discord Nitro to your friend.

To send a Nitro subscription to someone on Discord, just follow the following steps with images. Copy the same steps as showing in these images.

Step.1 Go to Settings

Open your Discord app settings, place your mouse cursor on the gear icon; basically the setting option. Click and open it. Then from the list of options that will be appearing there, choose the Discord Nitro. You can also Similar to that as you are seeing in the below image.

Step.2 Choose a subscription plan

When you choose one of those packages, you will be asked for payment in order to proceed further, kindly keep this note that this method is for GIFTING DISCORD Nitro subscription. Not for getting a free Nitro subscription for yourself.

I’m saying on the behalf of that, nowadays many fake Discord bots are spamming around in Discord server, offering a free Nitro Subscription, that is nothing but a scam, a pure scam! Once a friend of mine got trapped in this all, and he had to lose his Discord account along with some general privacy-related things.

Step.3 Pay for it

After you purchased a plan, monthly or yearly in both cases. It will generate a link for you, this is a super important link as a person who clicks on this link will receive this Gift. It is better you keep hiding this link from people, and send it to the only person whom you want to give the Nitro subscription.

Also, the Discord Nitro gift will get expired after 48 hours, so you have to make sure the user could claim this within this time period, otherwise, you will have to claim a refund for this purchase.

Step.4 Go to Inventory (Optional)

To check the inventory of your purchased Gifts, go to the Gifts inventory. You can see there a list of gifts that you own. One thing you should also keep in mind is that Discord refund policies would not apply if you’ve shared this to someone who has claimed this gift. However, as long as you have generated this URL mistakenly, and didn’t share it with someone, in that case, you might get refunded after contacting Discord support.

Step.5 Important for Claimer (optional)

This step is important for a person who claims the Gift, the reason we are putting this into this context is, the claimer should know the importance of the link, as if he/she shows the URL to someone else before claiming the Gift, then the chances are the gifted reward will be claimed by someone else, and you will not be able to get a refund as well the return the gift.

Can I get free nitro?

Truly speaking there is nowhere you can get a free Nitro gift on Discord, although many fake Nitro generators are out there on the internet, they all are fake. Completely useless! Instead of giving a free Nitro Gift, they can hack your Discord account and breakthrough your privacy.

Simply I’m advising you to be aware that cybercrimes are increasing, already a lot of people have been trapped by such scammers who first send a link, that looks super real! So, it is better to walk through the sender profile if you get this type of link, before clicking and rushing to claim.

Can you gift yourself?

Discord Nitro gift is not a free product, it is a gift that one sends to others on discord. That means one has to pay for that. So if you want a discord Nitro for yourself, you can buy the package in the area where you can see options for gifting a Nitro package. Overall, don’t think of it as a Gift coming from somewhere hidden, it could be your friend, family member, or a class fellow who sent this Gift to you.

How long does a Nitro gift last?

The Discord Nitro Gift lasts for 48 hours after you purchase it. Basically, the URL will expire after 48 hours if the claimer, who could be a friend, will not click on it.

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