Discord not opening

How to Fix Discord Not Opening Issue in 6 Easy Steps

One of the severe problems with the Discord app is Discord not opening as usual. Besides, it shows a grey-black screen with no functionality, if this is the same happening with you? You are not the only one. Many great minds had already scratched their heads to come up with the exact solutions, but they all ended with saying. Unhappily, it does not have a specific root.

The problem itself is rather frustrating and complicated. There is no one way-go-to solution that we can apply, it is indeed a trial and see which will resolve your problem.

These two common fixes have worked so far for many Discord users, 1) Disabled every service associated with the Discord app from your Task manager. 2) Reset the local app data linked with the Discord, if they didn’t work for you, then login via Discord website, then launch Discord PC with the same login details.

It is not clear yet for beginners, but don’t worry, we will look for each working solution properly. However, you should keep this in mind; this problem does have any particular solution, don’t expect something such that you can follow and resolve this troublesome problem once at all.

Therefore, we have compiled a list of fixes, most likely at least one of them will work for you.

Discord not opening

6 Ways to Fix Discord not opening problem

These are the fixes that have been worked for many discord users, so I grab them out for you. Go check them out if you can, otherwise keep scrolling down the post we’ll now be going to tell you here how to progress with each of these steps.

  • Disable Discord task Manager
  • Log in to Discord website then open Discord PC
  • Clear The Local App Data of Discord
  • Turn off VPN and Proxies
  • Update System
  • Set your time Automatic

Disable Discord task manager

Sometimes discord has not turned off as you might have thought. Because the task manager is pushing this app to keep running in the background, that’s what caused and broke the App. There is how to do that.

Go to the task manager, you either use the windows search bar or just move your mouse cursor at the top right bottom.

From the horizontal menu, click onto the apps and then find the discord app, it will probably be running, simply disable it from there.

Login to the Discord website

Many discord users reported this solution. They claim that they have resolved the discord not opening error when they log in into the official discord website and after that lunch the Discord PC on their windows 10 with the same credentials.

Therefore, if you have not tried this, come on, go ahead and must check this out. You probably get the things done all the way you wanted.

Clear The Local App Data of Discord

Like most of the discord problems, this one also can be resolved by clearing the Local App for the Discord app. It is not just me saying, but several discord users have tried this in order to fix the discord, not an opening problem on their computer.

If you have not applied this fix yet, Do it right now, it is the most important one. However, in case you don’t know how to pull this off, here is the guide for you.

Before heading over deleting the Local App Data, ensure that you have disabled the Discord task manager, else the Local app data would not be deleted, prompt errors.

  • Use Windows shortcut to find out the Local App data folder, Hold the window Icon+ R to call a search bar.
  • Type %LocalappData% and hit search.
  • Then, you will have a directory named Discord.
  • Delete that from there.

If it does not let you, then progress further first go to %AppData% delete the Discord directory from there as well.

Always Turn off VPNs and Proxies

Many Discord users have reported that All the VPNs either premium ones or free interfere with the Discord App. so keeping your VPNs turn off before launching the Discord app is always a better practice. Not just this problem will go away, but also many traditional problems will be settled down as well.

For any individual turning off a VPN should be an easy task. However, it would be more beneficial if you disable proxies as well.

It is how to disable proxies.

  • Use Shortcut, press the window icon button and R.
  • Enter the “Control panel.”
  • Go to Network and Internet, and then Internet Options.
  • Enable Automatic detect settings by marking it as Check, and Uncheck the proxy server.

Click on the Control panel, and the rest of the steps are showing in this below image.

In this group of images. You see how easy it is to disable proxies from your computer.

Blocking proxies and VPNs are both the core solutions for most of the problems in such online apps. Similarly, Discord not opening problems also can be resolved by applying this change.

Update system also resolved the discord not opening.

Apps like Discord, always keep updating, in order to run such programs you have updated versions also. A part of discord users who have faced this problem with discord. They reported that when discord stops from opening on their PC, they rush to see if an updated version is released, and then they download that one. As a result, the issue was also fixed.

Besides just updating, reinstalling the app is also an excellent way to go. I did not see many votes for this. I came across this fix. And, I believe it can be a working solution for many people either.

Setting time as Automatic also a good fix

I have been reading on forums in order to give you the most useful solution to fix this troublesome problem. I saw a large number of discord users saying that only changing the time settings to automatic has resolved this problem.

I have no idea about this. Indeed it is what I have read on the most forums. I would like you to give it a shot, and see what this will do for you. If this works, let me know in the comment section, I’ll replace this fix to the top one.

Why is discord not opening?

Discord does not open when something went wrong when closing down the app; it often apps due to some bugs inside the app. Simply, the app may seem turned off, but indeed it is already running in the background. Therefore when you relaunch the app, it gives an error due to its already running background process.

It is just an assumption made by discord users. That is to state here. This specific problem has no particular root. When solving that, one has to walk through more than many fixes. However, often it can be resolved in one shot, fortunately.

How do I force discord to open?

If you want to force open an app, the most straightforward process is to run them as administration. Alternatively, you should first close the app from the task manager if it is still running in the background, then simply open the app as usual.

But, why do you want to force discord to open? Probably you are facing a hard time with the discord not opening if that is so. Then, sadly it would not work. You have to try different solutions other than just putting force to open discord app.

How do I fix a black screen on discord?

A black screen on Discord is the sign for something is not going on the right path. The App may have some missing files, else the computer or a device has not read the complete files. In order to fix this issue, you can try reinstalling the app or follow the above solutions.

But before you begin to apply the solutions, ensure that your system is capable of running the app. You can compare that from their official website.

Fix a black screen issue on discord. There is no such way anyone can truly say it is the perfect solution. Never, besides you have to stand alone, put your attention on the problem. Start fixing the mentioned solutions. If you are lucky enough, then you might get resolved to your specific problem in no time.

Why is discord not opening links?

Like many popular websites, discord does not like spamming. Therefore we have an URL shared too much. The Discord has some algorithms to catch them out and put them into a blacklist. So you could not reach the link in the Discord app.

That’s the reason you might not send a URL to your friends, moreover, if you see such thing happening on Discord, you better stay out from these. Otherwise, your account may become suspicious to discord, so they can put a ban for this.

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