Discord not picking up the mic

Discord not Picking up the Mic. How to Fix this Error? Best Guide 2021

Discord not Picking up the Mic: It turns out to be the most common issue nowadays with the Discord app that it does not pick up the mic sometimes. While playing online games using a discord server, a Mic is the only way to communicate with your friends.

I know how frustrating it could be for someone. Your voice can’t reach your friends. The falling down enjoyment when you realize the Discord app is not picking up your mic when joining games such as Minecraft, PUBG mobile, Roblox, this issue keeps coming into existence with all the online games you play with friends using Discord. It feels so troublesome.

In this article we’ll look at all the possible fixes you can try in order to puzzle out this problem.

Discord not picking up the mic
Discord not picking up the mic

How to fix discord not picking up the mic

Before you follow these advanced solutions, we recommend walking through some basic processes that you should try in the first place.

Since this problem with Discord often takes place due to some bugs, to encounter such bugs, these are some fundamental processes you can do.

  • Log out from Discord app.
  • Switch off your system for a while.
  • Re-download the Discord app.
  • Re-input your Microphone.
  • Clean the main-Hole of your Microphone.

 If none of them made a dent for you, then the problem is more likely related to either your machine (Windows or Mac OS) or with the Discord app settings. To hunt-down them, you can follow the below-mentioned ways with Step-by-step working solution.

1)   Enable external-microphone support

Quite often, this problem with voice occurs with the users who have not permitted their OS to use their external Mic. That’s the reason the Discord app also could not find any mic in your system. So in order to resolve it make sure your OS has permission to use the external mic. No matter which OS you have installed either Windows 7, 8, 10 or Mac OS Mojave or later.

How to fix this problem on windows.

Step.1 Point your mouse on the right-bottom> click on the sound icon

Step.2 From the top-horizontal options> Click on recording> Select External Mic, and hit the configure

Step.3 While setting up> a pop-up will appear asking for which mic will you prefer by default. Click on the external mic.

 Everything has been set up, your windows have allowed external Mic, you can now open Discord app and try speaking if this is working in the Discord servers as well, probably it will work for sure, in case you are still facing the same problem. Let’s move on to the next fix, which is related to the Discord app.

2)   Reset Discord Voice Settings

This is another reason that you should make sure you have settled down, many Discord users in order to make their Mic functional, carelessly change the default settings, and ridiculously play with some most crucial settings in an effort to do something under the circumstances.

Most often they disable the ‘Automatic Input Sensitivity’, which can lead to Discord not picking up your Mic automatically, so it is always a best practice to change the Discord settings back to default. And switch up the “user input.”

How to fix this problem

Step.1 Open your Discord app> navigate Mouse on User settings> Click on the Gear Icon

 Step.2 Then some options will appear> Click on Video and Voices.

Step.3 Simply click on the Button “Reset Voice Settings.”

The Discord’s default settings for voice have been set back, but here is one more simple step to do. That’s “enabling automatic detect input” Doing this will make Discord able to detect whenever you input your Microphone automatically.

 Step.4 Move your mouse cursor to the left-side> Click the Input Sensitivity> TIck mark on

 The problem should be resolved now, as we are done with the Discord app settings as well as the system settings. However, if both these methods did not work for you, then be ready for our last fix. As it is the only solution up there, next to this you have to contact Discord via email.

3)   Update Your Audio Drivers

If you have tried the above methods already, still haven’t got a working solution? At that moment, you should update your audio drivers. Although it is a rare case not to have updated drivers installed. However, It often happens with some users, if you have not tried this yet, then go ahead, download the most updated audio driver from their official website.

Discord not picking up the mic
Discord not picking up the mic

Reasons Why is discord not picking up my mic?

There could be three possible reasons for this problem. Thus to resolve an issue first, it would be beneficial to reach out the main factor causing the error. Below the reasons that upshot this problem.

  1. Discord internal sound settings.
  2. Permission problems with windows.
  3. The Headphones itself is not working.

You have to think calmly and check one by one all, for instance, check the discord internal settings are all okay, or you mistakenly messed them up. On top of that, always set your OS to allow permissions for such an app to work fully functional.

Not to forget about your headphones, use your MIC somewhere else to see if this is working fine or not. The best practice to test a mic if you’re using Windows 10.

To test your Microphone– Go the settings> sound settings> Input> and speak into the microphone. If you observe some line patterns going up and down, it means the problem is neither with your microphone nor with the audio drivers. Thus you can now focus on solving this problem more accurately.

Auth’s Remarks-

I am a frequent user of discord app. And once upon I had to bear this problem which is; I think now getting common for everyone. I looked for all the way around on the internet, tons of video tutorials, blogs posts, forums, I searched for this solution on its edge. Finally, I ended up with these working solution that worked out for me. If anyone from readers has not found this useful, put your problem into the comment section. I’ll try my best to resolve your issue.

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h3″ question-0=”how to fix discord not picking up mic.” answer-0=”If you’re experiencing issues with discord and your Mic, perhaps the problem would be discord app not picking up mic. Well, There appears to be a serious issue with the microphone volume.

Be sure the headset or mic is properly connected to your computer before trying out anything out of the box. And be assured it has connected to your computer, test it. You should first check this out; Close the Discord app completely and reopen it, run it as an administration mode by clicking the right key of your mouse and select that option.

Removing your audio/mic jack or USB and plugging it back in and then re-opening Discord can also do wonders. This way, you probably should be able to use your microphone after a restart of your computer if neither of the above options worked. ” image-0=”” headline-1=”h3″ question-1=”Advance ways to fix Discord not picking up Mic” answer-1=”Reset Your Voice Settings There is a feature in the Discord app that enables you to fix any settings you may have screwed up.

Not just the voice but everything will get reset. Please use this option first before attempting to adjust anything else just to be clear about the next steps. You can find this option on the ‘User Settings’ page, it will be listed below. Then Move into the ‘App Settings’ header, click ‘Voice & Video’. ‘Reset Your Voice Settings’ will appear in red below the page after you have scrolled all the way down. Reconnect after you have pressed the right button, to verify that it has worked out for you or not. Probably most of the settings issues will get resolved with this method. Update the Audio Driver Some people have issues caused by out of date drivers or corrupted files.

Installing your audio driver manually will fix this easily. It would not take you much long. Just visit the website where you can get latest drivers for your PC, or install a software like driver booster that will automatically find out drivers needed an update, and update them too. Make Sure Discord Is Using The Correct Mic It might be worthwhile to check out if the Discord has all the required access to run a Microphone or something is missing. It doesn’t happen quite often but sometimes the wrong type of device can be selected, resulting in a non-detected microphone.

● To ensure that Discord is using the correct microphone, follow these steps: ● Go to ‘User Settings’ near the bottom. That’s the cogwheel on the left. ● Then click ‘Voice & Video’ below the ‘App Settings’ header. ● Look for the input device near the top and click that. Then use the dropdown to choose your device, for sure it should be Microphone if you’ve plugged. ● Final step: Make sure the ‘Input Volume’ slider located under that drop-down the volume bar is not turned too down. Check that out otherwise increase it to full. ” image-1=”” count=”2″ html=”true” css_class=””]

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