Discord overlay not working

Discord overlay not working Fixed in Easy Steps 2021 Updated.

Discord overlay often does not work when playing games. You are not the only one who got trapped in this problem; many people have reported this. It also has been noticed that this problem comes into existence differently; on the surface, some people say that discord overlay does not work when playing a specific game such as genshin impact, warzones, and destiny 2. Many say the discord overlay stopped working after a while or never popped up.

We will cover here every possible solution in this blog post related to Discord overlay not working, and hope your problem will be fixed soon.

Discord overlay not working
Discord overlay not working

Common reasons for why discord’s overlay does not work

  • The Game might not be compatible with Discord.

Sometimes the game you want to play using Discord is not compatible with it, to check this you can see if someone else has played the game with Discord or not, or it is better to add a game to your Discord’s gaming list.

  • The Game’s overlay option may not be enabled.

Almost all popular games have a feature in-built to enable a third-party overlay while gaming, you can check that option in general settings of a game, in case if it is disabled, enable it.

  • The display size is too big.

It happens several times when the screen scaled over. It can hide such overlays, so make sure you are using fix screen size.

  • You might have placed the Discord’s overlay somewhere at an edge.

Put some extra attention at the corners to see if the overlay icon is there or not. Most likely, you will see.

  • A security or antivirus program might have marked Discord’s as flagged.

Antivirus programs can also raise this problem, mainly when you are running antivirus with security protection. They usually do not allow an app to overlay, to protect one’s privacy.

Five ways to fix Discord overlay not working error.

So you are reading this it means the above-mentioned fixes could work for you, right,! Hold on we still got some advanced fixes for this problem. As you can see, this problem is difficult to fix.

We have to face a hard time just to see which side is getting this error, which one we fix, and so on. By means, you don’t need to try these all; otherwise, it will waste your time. The best way to do this, you should pay a little attention to these fixes, just to hunt down the exact problem.


Let’s first take a look into some fundamental solutions that perhaps will fix this problem quickly.

  • Turn off antivirus or something like that for a while
  • Reboot your PC
  • Re-login into your Discord app
  • Re-installed the Discord app
  • Check your game settings, if they are fine.
  • Check the Discord settings, did you allow Discord all the required permissions.

Still no? Let’s have a detailed look at the solutions.

Run discord as Administrator

Running as administrator will allow the Discord app to work fully functional, it is also known as giving admin rights. By doing this the discord app will breakthrough any dependencies that your OS is trying to implement on it.

How to do this-

  1. Head over the executable Discord file, it should be on the program files.
  2. Drag your mouse on it and right click> select run as administration
  3. it‘ll ask for permission, allow it.
  4. Now open the game and see if this worked or not.

Turn off apps running in the background

Some apps can conflict with the Discord overlay feature, mostly the apps that require the overlay permissions such as video recorded, voice recorder, and steam app may be one of them, You should turn them off from your Task manager for a little while.

How to do this-

  1. Move your mouse cursor to the top left corner.
  2. Right on the “upside” arrow.
  3. Select the task manager option.
  4. Now, look at the startup apps.
  5. Simple Disable apps that are enabled, doing this will also speed up your machine performance.
  6. Now open the game, the discord overlay feature should be working now.

Hardware Acceleration Disabling

It appears nothing to do with the Discord overlay features, however, in many cases, it seems to be a working solution for this following problem. Anyways, if nothing worked yet give this solution a try, it may turn the odds for you. Well, the feature is used to power up an app’s performance by allowing it to consume the CPU along with the GPU.

How to do this-

  • Open the Discord app
  • Click on the settings ( a gear icon)
  • Select appearance (probably)
  • Move your mouse cursor downward, click on the option “Disable Hardware Acceleration”

Double Check if the In-build overlay feature is really enabled for that game?

This is a very common mistake, even I still messed up with this. As you already know, every game has its settings, and also comes up with an overlay feature in-built.

Most people face this problem with a specific game most likely because they have not enabled the overlay feature within that game. That’s why the Discord overlay also does not work for that game.

Problem with Discord and a game

If you are suffering a similar problem, that is, the game you usually play with discord now does not let Discord overlay working. In that case, you should re-add the game to your discord gaming list. There is no specific reason for why it happens, but at least it works.

Solutions Discord overlay not working when playing games.

Let’s solve this problem more specifically in games, the following solutions for games are personally tried, they worked for me and I hope you will find them useful.

Among us

Most of the time when playing Among Us the overlay does not work properly, sometimes it appears and disappears.

Here is how to fix it among us.

  • Check your screen size in-game, in case it is overscaled, fix it.
  • Disable the hardware acceleration from the Discord settings.


You can fix the discord overlay not working problem in this game just by following the below methods.

  • Make sure you have enabled the in-built settings for the overlay feature.
  • Run discord as administration, it will work for.


Sadly the recent update from CS: GO has pretty much blocked every third-party app to use. Yet you have one thing that you can try.

  • Disable or launch your CS: GO game with a trusted launch, it will let you the Discord overlay however, it may lead your account to a ban.

League of legends

You can fix the problem in the league of legends game, most likely it will work for the windows-based OS.

  • Ensure that you have enabled this feature in a league of legends.
  • Try running the discord as administration.

Apex Legends

Although it supports discord overlay, it often seems not working properly. But, somehow I managed to figure this out for myself.

  • Remove and add again the game to your Discord list.
  • Ensure that you have enabled the in-built “allow overlay feature in the game”


To summarize the above context, we can conclude multiple working solutions to the discord overlay stopped working. Which is not ideal though. As nobody got time to test them all out one by one. So here is what you can do to fix your problem sooner. Firstly run discord as administration and also re-add the game to your discord gaming list. And make sure your settings are supported, lastly, the screen size must not be a problem.

Here is a youtube video to watch for you.

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