Discord Servers To Make Friends

Best Discord Servers To Make Friends 2021 ( Everything You Need To Know )

Do you love to socialize? If yes, Discord is a great place to socialize with random people and make new friends. Nothing is better than hanging out with people with the same vibe in your free time. There are tons of public servers available in which members have a mutual interest; you can join any of them.

However, finding discord servers to join is quite a task, but you do not need to worry. In this article, you will read about several discord servers to make friends.

Can You Use Discord Servers to Make Friends?

Discord Servers to Make Friends

You can make friends from all around the world with Discord. It is almost impossible to reach out to random people and make them your friends without knowing anyone.

Discord gives you a chance to interact with random people, spend time with them, and eventually make many new friends. You need to find the suitable discord servers to join, which you can find in the discord server list below.

Discord Server List

discord server list

Here is a list of discord servers to make friends.

1. ChillZone

If you cannot think of any particular point of interest, this server is best for you. ChillZone is one of the best servers for random conversation. In ChillZone, the server, you can have some chill time with people. There is a large number of members in this group, so the chat never dies.

You can join the chat whenever you want to. Also, you can find people of almost all groups here to make friends. As there is a topic-less chat going on all the time, you can easily find people you can vibe with here. This server has no boundaries to discuss a specific topic, which makes it everyone’s favorite.

2. Anime Soul

If you watch anime, this discord server is for you. This server is full of anime fans who keep discussing anime. Anime is undoubtedly one of the most exciting animations and is equally liked by kids and adults. You can get to know more anime shows to watch.

You can discuss interesting facts about your liked anime and get to know more. With Anime Soul, you can make friends with more anime lovers like you.

3. Daddy Server

It is also a highly active server on Discord. The specialty of this server is its more than 20 voice channels. If you are a talkative person, you can join this server. The voice channels on this server are always active, and you can communicate with amazing people from anywhere.

If you prefer text chat, the good news for you is that its text channels also never die. With a larger number of people in this community, you can surely increase your social circle.

4. Frogs Dream World

Emotes are a fun way to express your feelings. Frogs Dream Worlds is one of the biggest communities for sharing emotes. If you have emotes to share or want to get some more, you have to join this server. It is a server for global emotes which can be used without nitro.

If you are a global emote collector, this server is for you. As emotes are in great demand, this server is highly populated and active. The main purpose of this server is sharing emotes, but this does not mean you cannot have other conversations with people. You can have a great time with people on this server and make more friends.

5. Weeb Empire

Weeb Empire is one of the popular discord servers to make friends. As the name suggests, it is a community of gamers and anime lovers. You can easily find people here to play games with and make friends in no time. Here you can find a larger number of active users anytime who are ready to chat with you.

You can find some interesting people on this server. If you are a weeb looking for some more weebs, do not forget to join this server.

6. Friends Cord Discord Server

This server is full of friendly people out there. You can have deep talks based on your passions, likes, or interest. You can interact with people in voice channels or can even have video calls with them. This server is active 24/7, and there is a high probability for you to find some new friends here.

You can find people with whom you can watch movies, play games, or just chit-chat and hang out. This server has a chill and friendly environment for everyone.

7. Dank Trades

Who does not love memes? If you love memes, here is a server for you to join many people like you. Dank trades is a community of fun people. It is one of the most active communities that share memes with each other. You can connect with many people and make friends by sharing memes. Also, the giveaways make this server even more exciting.

8. The Choco Bar

The last but not the least server in this list of Discord servers to make friends is the Choco Bar. As the name suggests, it is a cool community for random socializing with people. Unlike most of the servers, this server does not have a specific theme so that people can discuss any random topic here.

However, that does not involve trash talk. It is a sophisticated group of people who discuss topics like art, literature, politics, and many more. If you have an interest in any of these or more things like that, you should join this server. In this way, you can get to know and make friends with people having similar interests.

Final Words

To conclude, Discord is a great platform when it comes to making new friends.  With the list of Discord servers to make friends mentioned above, you can easily connect with new people. There are hundreds of more such servers available that you can join.

You can find people with whom you can watch movies, shows, listen to music, play games, hang out, rant and whatnot.  So, do not get bored anymore and connect with people all around the world.

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