Discord Stuck On Connecting

Easy Fix Discord stuck on connecting 2021 guide

Discord has some internal protection filters. If you mess up with them, then you would also get some errors. You may find Discord stuck on connecting during the starting process or later to the voice channel, if you are on this page, you are surely also the one who is experiencing this issue with the Discord app. You might be using Android, iPhone or PC, Keep calm! We have some solutions that WORKED. Let’s discuss them in this blog post, and see which one can solve this problem for you.

Before reading the different solutions for Discord stuck on connection, you should pay attention for a while to see if the Discord servers are working fine or not, or something like that is preventing you from connecting. Often this problem comes into existence in Discord itself. You can confirm this by visiting their website. Or wait for a while until Discord developers figure this out.

Discord stuck on connecting

4 Ways to fix Discord stuck on connecting.

So you have made sure that the problem is on your Machine not with the discord servers. However, you should try turning down your Desktop or laptop at least one time, and try re-installing the Discord app if you have done this already! Then, these mentioned solutions might work for you.

These are some solutions that you can apply, if none of them works for you, then you will need to discuss your problem with the Discord admins through discord support.

  1. Set your time as Automatic.
  1. Stop VPN for now, if you’re using any.
  1. Disable all the proxies if you are using any.
  1. Make sure your firewall settings are enabled for the Discord App.
  1. Check your router Device.
  1. Change DNS

Set up time as automatic.

Often discord is stuck on connecting if you have not set your desktop time settings to automatic, if you have not tried this, go ahead and apply this fix, probably your problem will probably get fixed.

Stop VPN

Discord has some filters for security purposes. Actually, it is not just the Discord app; many online apps are not allowed to use a VPN while using their app. Therefore, if you are using any popular or cheap VPN, just turn it off, and reconnect your Internet with the Desktop. It would be even better if you reboot your PC after this.

Disable a proxy if you are using

Proxies sometimes pop up a conflict between the discord app and your internet connection. Therefore problems like Discord stuck on connection take place. If you don’t know how to Disabled them, simply do this.

Go to the C-panel of your Desktop. You can use the search bar for finding this area on your desktop.

Click on the option Network and the internet, and from there Go to the section Internet options. Further take steps into Connections and then LAN settings. You will see a check bar for enabling or disabling proxies. Turn it Disable.

>Network and Internet

>Internet Options


>Lan Settings

Make sure your firewall settings are enabled for the Discord App.

In windows, there is a program named firewall. It is basically protection over your network so hackers cannot break into your system. However, it also acts on the Discord app, so ensure that you have added discord in your firewall apps list, such that it stops treating this app as a threat or something.

If you don’t know how to do this, then you can simply follow these steps. There will be two processes first, adding the game into the firewall and second making this as enabled in the firewall. Hope this process will bring up some positive impact by solving the Discord stuck on a connecting problem.

This is how to add the Discord app into the firewall program in windows.

Open the windows search bar and search “windows defender firewall.”

  • Click Windows Defender Firewall With Advanced Security.
  • Look at the top right side > Hit click on “the New Rule and click on the New program.
  • Browse in this program and give it a file path.
  • Simply upload there the Discord app file by navigating.
  • Usually, it is placed in this section C:\Users\YOURUSER\AppData\Local\Discord.
  • Add Update.exe file and click submit> name it anything.
  • The discord app now should be added to the firewall list.

Once you have done the steps thoroughly, we can now move on to the next step, which is adding this as a trusted app.

  • Again open windows firewall as you have done this before.
  • Select windows defender firewall from the options
  • You will find the list of programs that have been added to the firewall.
  • Find the Discord app over there, and marked as enabled (Check box).

Now the Discord app should be added there, try opening the app now, it should not prompt the problem of Discord stuck on connecting. I Hope, this lengthy process has solved this for you.

Check the wifi-router

If none of the internal solutions has worked, you should reboot your wife-router.

Discord is not getting more and more secure, so that might cause trouble for you. Perhaps, the wife-router IP has been blacklisted from the Discord app, sometimes just rebooting can change the IP address; therefore, there is nothing wrong in doing this.

Try to change your DNS address.

It is always better to use a Cloudflare’s or Google’s DNS address, no two thoughts here so many online apps prefer these two DNS addresses.

The problem Discord stuck on connection is highly related to this step, as you might have the wrong DNS that Discord has now blacklisted from using their app. Therefore, you should use this solution also.

Follow these simple steps to do to change the DNS connection.

  • Search for the control panel by using the windows search bar.
  • Open Network and sharing center section over there.
  • See on the left side. You will see an option for changing adapter settings. Open it.
  • You will see the network list, click on the network you are using.
  • There will be an option “internet protocol version four.” Double click on it.
  • Now get into the DNS server addresses.
  • There will be two options, enter this same  DNS address in the first bar and second bar. Hit OK

Now you have to update servers for internet protocol. You will have this option to look around the screen for a while. There will be again two bars, put this 2001:4860:4860::8888 in the first bar, and 2001:4860:4860::8844 in the second box.


In this blog post, we have tried to explain every single method that we have found working for a specific problem with the Discord app that is Discord Stuck on connecting during startup or voice channels.

We have also recommended every individual before dive harder into this problem. They should try first some necessary processes like rebooting, reinstalling the app, on top of them changing the time to automatically and closing down the VPN if they are using it.

I hope your problem of discord stuck on connecting will be solved after trying the above-mentioned processes. However, if none of them worked for you even after following the same process, you can better address your problems with the Discord developers.

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