Discord text formatting

Discord Text Formatting: How to Bold, Color, Italic, Strikethrough, Code Block

Discord text formatting guide.

If you are a Discord user then this guide will blow you away. Why use simple font styles for sending a message on Discord every time? When you have a choice to change your discord text formatting by using certain easy syntaxes.

Either change the Text format to Bold, italic, underline or replace Text colour to Red, Orange, Cyan, you can change them in whatever form you wish, also try combining one or more formats to make your message look even stand out. We’ll share some cool text formatting hacks here for discords.

Text formatting in Discord app.

Use the Below  Markdown codes on either side of the Word you want to format.

Text Format Name Code Text Format Example
Bold **bold** I am a **Bold” Text.
Italics *Italics* or _italics_ I am an “Italics” Text.
Bold Italics ***bold italics*** I am a ***Bold and Italics*** Text.
Underline __underline__ I am an __Underline__ Text.
Strikethrough ~~Strikethrough~~ I am a ~~Strikethrough~~ Text
Underline Bold __**underline bold**__ I am an __**underline bold**__ Text.
Underline Italics __*underline italics*__ I am an __*underline italics*__ Text.

The table above represents certain codes that can be used for text formatting effectively. Essentially there are only four discord text formatting styles, and each has its unique purpose and explanation of why should you use them.

Bold style- Bold text is used when you want readers to pay extra attention as it is something important.

Italic styleIt is mostly used when you have to refer to someone’s words or add something from the main context.

UnderlineYou should use the underlined text format just to make readers draw attention on a word, it can be a hyperlink mostly.

Strikethrough– It is a text with a horizontal line between, you should use this when you want to say something uncertain.

You can even combine them for any specific reason.

We have given an example by Formatting Bold and Italics by combining their syntaxes into one.

Means three asterisks will be used for this (two for making bold, and one for italic. Put Either side of a word to give it Bold and italics look *** WORD *** like this.

Text Color Formatting in Discord App

To change the colour of your text in Discord, you will have to use different colour codes for red, yellow, green, etc. Some colour codes are given below which will help you in discord text formatting.

Colour Name Code Text Color Example
Red colour Text “`Diff – Text “` I am a “`Diff – red coloured“` text.
Orange “` CSS [Text] “` I am an “` CSS [orange coloured]“` Text.
Yellow “`fix Text “` I am an “`fix yellow coloured text“`
Light Green “`Diff + Text “` I am a “`Diff + light Green coloured“` Text
Cyan “`JSON “Text” “` I am a “`JSON “Cyan Colored” “` Text.

You can see there each colour has its unique syntax, but the three backticks (“`) are the same for every colour, significantly without them a syntax will not work.

Take a light note here, Discord has no official support for Text-Color, however, the background running highlights.js allow us to run these colour codes in discord.

However, colouring a text looks cool, you probably have seen this tough. Now you can also become one of them who impresses by texting in a different colour just to make their text stand out.

Discord Text and Color styling- With Pictures

You have now got an idea from the above tables regarding how to format text in discord, in case you still don’t get an idea of how these syntaxes actually work! Keep calm.

We will be showing you here examples with some pictures to set up everything in your mind. Keep a note here, we have limited this guide to changing font style, plenty of ways you can see out there on the internet as there are no limits of text formatting mainly when it comes to playing with Markdown language.

Now let’s see how they will look when you use them in the Discord app, and importantly, we have gathered these pictures just to give you an idea about how these syntaxes work out. We usually aim to serve the best piece of content to our visitors that covers every inch of the context.

Text Formats

There are mainly four different text formats as Bold, italic, underline, strikethrough. More can be formatted by combining them into one another. In this case, when we are leading to learn Discord’s font styling, you should have locked this in mind you can do even more than just by merging them together.

Bold Text Format- You just have to put two aesthetic symbols (**) before and after a word, similar to this picture below.

Discord text formatting

Italics Text format- To make a plain text to look Italicized, put one aesthetic (*) before and after, an example can be seen in the below picture.

Discord text formatting

Underline Text format- To format a plain text into an Underline text, use two underscores like this ( __Text__), you can clearly see a reference from the below picture.

Discord text formatting

Strikethrough text format- To put a line over your text or message in your Discord app, just use ~~TEXT~~ this format, your sent text will have a  horizontal line in this way.

Discord text formatting

Text Color

There are no limits to changing the colour of fonts in the Discord app, that’s to state here I have collected almost every colour that I have found on the internet. As soon as I come across more colour codes I’ll update this post. For now, enjoy what is up there, and if you know extra colour codes, kindly put them down in the comment section. It will be greatly appreciated.

Red Color text- You can change the text colour to Red using “`Diff – Text “ this syntax. The below image is for example how this will work.

Discord text formatting

Orange Text Colour– To turn your text colour into Orange, use this code “` CSS [Text] “ – And of course you can write something in the TEXT place. Something like this.

Discord text formatting

Yellow Text Colour– Use this “`fix Text “` code or syntax to change your Discord text colour into Yellow. See the picture below. Note that the  Fix word is necessary, every time you want to write in yellow colour, don’t forget to include this in the beginning.

Discord text formatting

Light Green Text colour– To write something in the Light Green text, you will have to use this syntax “` Diff + Text “`. Don’t think the plus (+) is just for spacing them, no. The syntax is necessary to place before writing your message on the Discord app. See the picture.

Discord text formatting

Cyan Colour Text– This “`JSON “Text” “` is the code for changing a text into a Cyan colour in discord. See the image.

Discord text formatting

A Bonus tip for Developer’s on Discord.

It is true Discord is for gamers, however, a large number of developers also use Discord.

When sending a code to one another, people have to face a problem. As discord can take the code as the Markdown language and change its format accordingly. In some cases…

To be simplified, suppose you have to send the above codes on discord to someone else who just asked you to tell him/her. Then, it is sure you can’t send the code directly to the user, even though when you try this, the code will instantly run.

Here comes down the Discord Code blocker format-

Use this (“`) before and after the code you want to share on Discord, it’ll block the code to run, in such a manner the user will only get the code you’ve shared.


Can I change the text format in the Discord app?

Yes, you can give your plain text to some cool flavours, make them stand out and look much better. Not only you can change the text format but also you can change the text colour as well.

How to make a text Bold in Discord?

It is so simple to make a text Bold in Discord, for this, you can this syntax *** your text *** and send your message, the text within the aesthetics will turn out bold.

What is Markdown For Discord?

Markdown is responsible for font styles, a large number of online forums, apps like discord use this markdown language. It was first developed in 2004.

The codes you have seen above are from Markdown, that’s the reason we are able to change the text format or colour our message, additionally in order to dig out even more text formats. You can visit their official website, perhaps you will find something even cooler. The sky’s the limit with Markdown language.

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