Discord Vs Google Hangouts

Discord Vs Google Hangouts Best User Guide- (Updated June 2021)

Discord vs Google Hangouts: There are a lot of many different apps for chatting, hanging out online with friends. Slightly altered from each one, they draw our attention to a detailed comparison.

We will break down here the comparison of such two apps; Discord or google hangouts. You must be familiar with them. You might currently be using one of them but look for distinctive features they offer, And the reason behind why they are being compared so often. Let’s get to understand.

If you don’t know their fundamental features, why are they so popular among people?

Google hangouts is an entirely free chatting app developed by Google. It has features such as creating groups, sending text, voice calls, video calls, also video conference calls can be held in the app. Every person with a Gmail account can log in to this app and search for a person to have his Gmail account. If the person is using google hangout, you can then contact him.

Discord is also a chatting platform; that’s said, it is filled with gamers. The features audio calling, video calling, sending a text, are available yet only a few people use this an app simple chatting app. Aside people prefer this platform for getting into a community like they want to be in, whether gaming, anime fans, dancing, music lovers, etc. Discord is full of different organizations that let a person hang out online with people worldwide.

Talking about which one of them is secure among hangouts vs discord? Then the answer will be “Neither of them.” Even these great apps are doing well over the years, but we cannot say they are encrypted. Google hangouts share the conversation with the government when asked, and it recently happened. On the other hand, Discord, being honest already said, they can share the user’s data for good reason if needed.  Please go check out their privacy policies.

Discord vs Google Hangouts: Comparison

Parameters Discord Google hangouts
Introduction It is a chatting a

pp widely used by gamers and people who own a great fan-base

A chatting app for google users, easy to utilize. Popular for one-one chats, preferably google’s fans, use this app.
Free Not entirely free severe, it has premium features that cost money. Plus a nitro subsection which is only for paid users. Price costs around 5$ per month.  Everything in this app is entirely for free. This is the benefit of being a product from google. 
Fan base A popular platform for growing a community online. Hanging out online with friends you know or strangers all around the world. And for the most part, it’s famous among gamers. A simple yet effective way to chat with people via Gmails. Therefore, a large fan base with this app is attached to business owners or comfortable with google’s products.
Popular It is widespread and ranked in the top 10 list of most used chatting apps in 2021. It is not as popular as the Discord app, and it’s ranked out of among the top 10 chatting apps.
Features It is filled with exciting features like bots and servers, making it a perfect platform to hang out online. It does have features that are fundamental needs, but nothing out of the box.
Secure It is secure still didn’t seem to have any vulnerabilities. And if you’re privacy concern, yes, it shares user’s data. It is the most secure as Google takes care of its data. But still, it has to share data with the government for some reason. So, the chats are not actually encrypted.
Easy to use Discord is for tech-savvy or at least youngsters who love to entertain online. Google hangout is for everyone who needs a simple, easy-to-navigate chatting app.

Which is a better app?: Discord or Google Hangout

Google hangouts and discord app entirely poles apart when comparing them based on community. so the decision between discord Vs google hangouts is quite clear that both are good at their own specific features.

Apparently, discord owns a community of teenagers who want to hang out online and make friends of the same mythology and interest. This is where discord servers and channels come down; they are doing the same for people. Thousands of media one can find there and join that he/she thinks is closer to his attentions. It is a great way to explore and search for people with similar interests.

And deep down, Google hangouts is not for this purpose; it is basically a place to chat with your friends; there is not something like, say, groups, channels, servers, although you can create still there is nothing like that. So, people use this video calling mostly.

In the end, if you put both of them side by side, it is clear they both have different purposes yet have the same tag; chatting apps. All stretch to the matter of preference. We can’t say one is better than the other because both have a particular place and decent community. Everyone has different choices and mindsets. That’s it.

Features: Discord vs Google hangouts

We have compared the similar features of both discord vs hangouts to get a better insight regarding the apps.

Easy to Use

when it comes to the ease in use between discord vs hangouts, google handouts take the upper hand here. It is created to usually understand what it is all about, like where and what to do next. A user can explore it in a matter of minutes.

Discord also is not much difficult as one may assume before using and going through the interface. It is entirely managed. The only thing that looks difficult to understand in this app; its overwhelming features. That takes it apart from other chatting apps, features like bots, servers, gaming side, server’s option, any such thing that at first glance looks troublesome to get through. So this feature among discord vs google hangouts is quite the same in both the apps regarding easiness. 


while looking at the users base between discord vs google hangouts, hangouts are limited to only people with Gmail accounts who can use this app, despite the fact Google has the largest community around it. Still, it has nothing to do when communicating online. Not all of us are so-called google users. This means we cannot get into this.

Whereas the discord app is for everyone; it has APIs of different platforms to login and create an account, it makes it a more comprehensive community as mac, Linux, windows. Blackberry and all the people can join this platform.


Google hangouts are for free, every feature in the app is accessible to everyone. There is nothing like to say premium version or has any advertisement. 

Discord app also is free to use. You will not be forced to purchase any plan now or later. Yet, it has some additional features that basically not for everyone. People who want to use the discord to the fullest extent can purchase those features, including server boosting, nitro subscription, etc.


When it comes to speed between discord vs hangouts that’s is to say here, if the memory really matters for you, then google hangouts will be more favorable for you. It is lightweight as there are no additional functions in the app that put a heavy load on it.

Discord consumes too many resources, mainly when you test by putting it side by side with an app that has limited features. That’s mean discord’s additional features make it put a heavy load on a machine. Whether you use the PC version or mobile version when compared with google hangouts, it lacks it. 

Is Google Hangouts app end-to-end Encrypt?

Yes, and No. Yes, because Google will never mess around with the user’s data, as it cannot take that huge risk; otherwise, it’ll lose the trust and might get dropped from the top to bottom, as recently we saw happened with the WhatsApp app. After their privacy update.

No, for a reason, Google is bound to share data with the government if it is asked. It’s like your chat could be reviewed by the government if something is found suspicious or illegal. Even the audio calls are not end-to-end encrypted.

Adding Discord into this conversation, then there is evident discord is also not an end-to-end encrypted. The rumors are true that the user’s data have been stored to them.


Based on the features and differences, we can say discord vs google hangouts are poles apart when it comes to fan base and the user’s preference.

I’m a gamer who uses Discord quite often, and it makes my gaming experience even more incredible than playing alone. Such that, I’ve found some discord servers of like-minded people to play games that I’m also interested in. However, it’s not all about gaming. I’ve found there some great communities that love to talk about animes. That’s my second reason why I prefer discord.

Hand in hand, I’ve used google hangouts also for attending a few meetings when the pandemic was at its peak. I actually didn’t find any fun there, just a boring simple app. But I must hear the video calling experience was immensely appreciated with clear voice trade and stable connection. The point up here, I could not go longer with Google hangouts for the reason I want something that provides a place to continue my other hobbies. Gaming comes on the top.

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