Discord vs telegram- Which is better for you?

Discord vs Telegram- Which is better for you in privacy? 2021

These days people are looking for apps and do not mess up with the user’s data. With this in mind, if we deep down into the privacy policies of Discord and Telegram apps.

Discord’s policies are not encrypted. It sells user’s data to the companies as well as shares it with the government when needed. Whereas Telegram does mess around with the users’ data, it neither sells information to any company nor shares it with the government. Discord vs Telegram- Which is better for you?

Recently there was news about Telegram; Russia has banned this app because it refused to share the user’s data with the government.

It leaves a good impact here on the users who usually use telegram for chatting or something related. They can be assured about their data has been stored in good hands. 

The Discord app does secure the user’s data, and it’s mentioned on the discord app’s privacy policy page. As a discord user, before you get disappointed, you should mind that they actually do not sell private chats or leaks out anything personal. It makes sense here. It’s a user-supported app; for this reason, they make money from users.

Let’s hop into a few differences between these apps and find the real truth behind which is better.

Discord vs Telegram- Differences

Parameter Discord app Telegram
Audio recording No, you cannot send audio messages in a chat. Yes, you can send audio messages in a chat.
File size Its limit on sharing a file is only 8 MB for a free user, 50MB for premium members. Its limit on file size is 2040. It’s far greater than the Discord app.
Screen sharing Yes, you can share the screen in this app with your friends. No, you cannot share the screen with anyone in this app.
Group’s limit Unlimited members can join a server in this app. It has some limits on members to join a server, around 100,000.
In-app purchases Yes, this app has some premium features to be purchased. No, it’s all free. However, in a specific server, you may have to pay them for their services, mostly crypto-related.
End-to-end encryption No, it is not end-to-end encryption. Yes, it is end-to-end encrypted and also has a separate place that is top secure.
Video conferences Yes, Discord apps allow a user to make video conference calls. More than 10 people can join. No, it does not have this feature.

What is the Discord app?


Discord was launched back in 2015 as a chatting platform. But here now, in 2021, this app is one of the leading platforms for gamers. It’s not an open-source app, yet it has a big company around it managing this app for a long time. Although it’s a free app, so you might think, how does the Discord app make money? Read it from the given blog post.

Let’s have a look at the features that discord comes up with.

Chats are Well Managed

Discord is the cleanest chatting platform as compared to other social networking apps. In a discord channel, you can explore many features that emphasize not to spam. A single track can also be divided into sub-parts, like memes, audio chats, name it any. What’s more, it has bots that help keep maintaining a server whenever someone tries to spam. Even if the admin is offline, the bot can take him out.

Edit and Delete Messages

We look for a super necessary feature in chatting apps when something you miss-typed in a message to edit it or deleting is easily doable. Hold the news for a few seconds, let the options appear. After that, make any changes you desire.

Although the admins can often see the deleted message, technically, there is a discord bot for this.

Administration of a Server

One of the best things about Discord, the admins of the server have more than enough. With that said, an admin can see if someone is spamming or even spammed before. Even the sender has deleted the message, but the admin is still able to check it out. Further, an admin can make moderators when a server grows big. No certain limits apply here.

Members Roles

In a Discord server, there is a list containing the members’ names in a server and showing their reputation as well. It is like competition and earning a specific role in a server. A user has to be active and not do something out of the rules. The admins can assign the roles.

Custom Emojis

Custom emojis enhance a chatting app; sometimes, we don’t just want to send a rough text. It is not fun either. Here comes the use of custom emojis in the Discord app. Not only can you send emojis in a message, but also you’re free to create your own emojis. Don’t think too much. It has a feature to send GIFs as well. For this, you need to purchase their paid nitro subscription plan.


The discord bots are enjoyable to use, them along with that, they help in a ray of tasks. Use them whatever your task is, such as Administration, member/message logging, third-party integrations, music playing, memes sharing, bots for playing games. Just think of one, there should be available to fulfill your needs.

Voice Chat

Chatting online through voice is a fun thing nowadays, and that discord offers this milestone in the box. Join any server. You will have a separate section out there for people to join audio calls conversation.

Multiple versions

The thing you would love to know, the discord has multiple versions to run on different platforms. With this means, people using android mobiles, ios, windows, Linux, Mac OS can easily install discord and hang out together. Appreciate it, Discord is for everyone.

What is Telegram?

The telegram was launched in 2013 by a Russian company. It has not got so much fame like other chatting apps are around there. A minor increase in the number of users of this app has been visualized by people recently, and the reason was the change in the WhatsApp privacy policies.

Some highlighted features of this app are reviewed below.

File-Sharing Limit

Across all the chatting apps I’ve used, the telegram has the largest limit of sharing a file. Nearly around 2GB, share movies, HD songs, or sorts of files. You’re good to go.


Unfortunately, in this, you will be a little disappointed if you are looking for custom emojis. At Least there are prebuilt stunning emojis that would make you satisfied.

Secret Text

One of the fascinating features of this app is its “Secret Text.” Chat with any person, share files, trade whatever you wish after you finish. All of the messages will get permanently deleted from this world. This means, even Telegram doesn’t store them.

Telegram Web Version

Telegram works with a mobile phone number. Like WhatsApp, you have always needed your phone to login into this account. This means that when trying to login into the app, it will send a code on your mobile phone number that you need to put on the given box to proceed further.

Generally, it is good, but when it comes to accessing your account on desktop, it sucks. Unlike the WhatsApp Telegram web version, it lasts longer per login but is still not an ideal way to use it on a desktop tough. 

 How Safe are Discord Bots?

Discord Bots are generally safe if you add them from reliable sources. As far as intruders are concerned, if you have properly customized the bot then your safety will certainly be better. Make sure to check who can message you, what kind of content is allowed, and other settings. Apart from that, don’t give secure permissions to bots.

Discord vs Telegram Security

Telegram Groups and Channels are end-to-end encrypted offering better peace of mind to users who can either be professional or casual. You can also use the Secret Chat feature for a more secured chat or file exchange. Telegram has been banned in Russia because the founders decided not to share their users’ data with the government. That is one reason why business users prefer Telegram over Discord which is geared more towards gamers and offers no encryption.

However, Telegram’s decision to use their in-house encryption tech MTProto over the existing Signal protocol has drawn some flak. Telegram then published an article on their blog to explain the difference.

Telegram is owned by a non-profit company that has shared source codes for their web and mobile apps. Meanwhile, Discord has come under the radar for a privacy policy that doesn’t respect users’ data or even privacy. Consider this a heads-up.

Telegram allows you to delete any message that you sent within 48 hours. Discord will let you delete messages in channels and direct messages only that are up to two weeks old. Some bots claim to delete all messages, but I am yet to come across one to prove that.

Telegram’s secret chat servers disallow forwarding messages, are not backed up on Telegram servers, and users can send self-destructing messages, similar to Snapchat. Also, I couldn’t take a screenshot inside the secret chat window on Android.

Finally, both Telegram and Discord support 2FA (Two Factor Authentication)

One thing that I failed to understand is Telegram’s need to ask users to enter their phone numbers at the time of creating an account. Maybe, it is a mechanism to curb spam accounts, but that is open to debate

Which is a Better Choice? (Discord vs Telegram)

Technically both the apps have bots and are from the same genre. But still, both are poles apart.

Discord is community-driven, giving a place to hang out online, playing games with friends, and explore the communities across the world. 

Whereas the Telegram app is for chatting with friends, not much to explore there.

When comparing Telegram servers with Discord’s channels, it would not be wrong to say about discord; it is a better place for people to chill and enjoy. 

On the other hand, Telegram is also not leaving behind. It’s widely used by the people who want to send a specific message to several people in one shot—something like cryptocurrency-related or any marketing strategy. 

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