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Discord Vs Twitch in 2021 Best Guide For gamers

Most new gamers have to frequently hear the term, twitch, and discord, However, they don’t know the difference between discord vs twitch in 2021. Therefore, we have written this blog post to understand the feature of these apps and look for similarities and comparisons between discord and twitch their partnership & streaming Features, so that you will never get confused again, regarding these terms.

Discord Vs Twitch Major Differences

Parameters Discord Twitch
Purpose It a chatting platform similar to WhatsApp but has advanced features to manage a large community. It is the platform for streamers, mostly for gaming also allows people to do comment.
Free Most part of this app is free to use but has some paid version it the app. Such as server boosting, buy a nitro subscription, unlocking emotes, and many more features are paid for. It has everything for free viewers, and streaming content is also free.  However, it’s like a youtube subsection. You have to pay for a watch without ads. Otherwise use it for free.
Login It is required to log in first before accessing the features of this app. Which is better as it’s a chatting platform so you can get back into conversation if you have an account on it. It does not ask for a login, and a viewer can watch any stream he wants with signing up.
Best for It is great for people who want to make new friends online. It is the best platform for people who want to watch live streaming, mainly gaming content.
Make money Discord does not offer to make money out of it. You can make money on twitch by streaming content. Viewers support their favorite content creators by donating money.

Discord Vs Twitch

Discord is a platform for chatting, making audio and video calls, a place for hanging out online with friends and strangers. Whereas twitch is just a place for streamers, gaming, DIY, music, and whatever people love to stream. 

The only similarity that exists in discord vs twitch is that most gamers use these apps frequently both altogether one for live streaming while the other for chatting. For instance, shroud, a gaming content creator, uses twitch to stream games he plays since he is a good player, so a big community loves his content.

So he uses the discord app to create servers on discord for gathering their all-fans because he can inform their streaming schedule, events, and often criteria for giveaways.

Is discord better than Twitch?

We can’t say one is better than the other, It’s a matter of preference both have a decent place and fame. However, on the basis of a chatting app discord is a better choice than this. It offers a platform where a person can hang out with friends or like-minded people. Also, a number of discord users use this while streaming online games, since it has support for overlay function on many games.

Whereas twitch is not something you can ignore, it is a popular online platform, where you can thousands of most gamers who stream online games. And people around it are those who love to entertain watching online streaming.

This all comes back to the main point again, the matter of preference. If you like to play games with friends, or people that can be your partner in a game? you are good to go with the discord app.

However, if are looking for a place where you watch people streaming content online, mostly the gaming content creators. In that case, twitch is something that makes you feel better.

Features Comparison

Both of these apps have some great features inside for the users. Exploring them would be fun as well gives a better idea about them for you. Let’s get started.

User interface


Discord user interface

Discord comes with an interface that reflects more like a chatting platform. A text bar for sending messages, a list of online friends, list of servers you’ve joined. With plenty of such features make this app a useful platform to hang out with friends and people you never know. However, if you don’t this by default discord’s interface, you have an option to change the background.


Twitch user interface

Twitch has an excellent user interface for viewers. See everything on your home screen, like channels you have subscribed to, trending content creators, chatting below a stream. Everything will be in one place that means, regardless of looking around for things you need to watch, you get everything well-reserved.

Privacy policies 

Privacy policies

Both of these apps have mentioned that they have the authority to share their user’s data with companies on their privacy policies page. To make some money out of it, a. Gaming companies mostly offer a good amount to share their user’s emails list to send you their products. Often the governments also ask for the information that these apps have stored for some legal reasons.

Although both twitch and discord apps share their user’s data, we cannot say they are safe. there is no risk of losing personal chats.

Making money

Users can make money in both of these apps by affiliate links. For this, you must have a big community and a good affiliate product that attracts buyers.

Discord may be a chatting app, but you can make money from this. Be a little creative to find out ways, the best way here to offer some affiliate products and earn a good commission from them. That’s to say, there is yet no certain feature offered from discord for its users for making money; however, you know we humans are smart enough, so you are. If you somehow managed to go viral on your discord server, share affiliate links there. Make sure people out there take an interest in it.

Twitch comes with a great deal for the content creators, and if you provide worthy content to the viewers, they can donate you some amount of money. Another way to make money on twitch, share affiliate on your stream. You can find many game companies that give a handsome commission to such streamers to promote their games. Besides, you can run ads on your twitch stream. When a user clicks on it, you will get money.

Audio and video calls

They both have features for making audio and video calls as well. However, twitch introduced this feature recently.

Discord has audio, video call features, and it has been for a long time. People on discord have adopted the way how discord calling feature works. Typically it is more convenient as compared to twitch as you feel there a community and make friends. So it makes sense there discord can have such functionality.

Twitch is trying to explore its features, and it is covering things to get a hold of areas that is causing streamers to use discord for gathering their fans. To prove this, twitch first introduced channels, as discord has the servers, secondly twitch introduced video and audio calling. Unfortunately, it is not gain much appreciation, though, as still in the debate of which app is good in managing big communities, discord has the upper hand.

What are the similarities?

Well you have real Twitch recently added channel features that allow streamers to hold their fans on twitch regardless of discord servers. This makes twitch similar to discord, yet they are both poles apart. Discord and twitch partnership have been confirmed a scam by discord as some days ago discord clients have been getting some strange messages on their servers.

They come from a bot essentially called Twitch and they declare a “Select Partnership” among Discord and Twitch. One peruses, “We are really glad to report that Discord has cooperated with Twitch to show some adoration to our very incredible clients! From March 30, 2020, until April 6, 2020, every one of our clients will approach a Nitro Games.” It at that point prompts clients to welcome the bot to their workers by clicking a connection.

Regardless of the twitch channel features, it seems it is trying to stop their streamers from using discord, but discord in managing a big community is leaping forward.

Discord servers have a decent place. Mainly the bots out there pour value into them. Bots for gaming, bot for reducing spam, almost it has bots for filling different needs.

Both discord and twitch used for streaming by content creators. Most of the content creators use twitch for streaming because it allows creators to earn money through streams while they use discord for engaging their fans and announce their latest news and streams


Still confuse about discord vs twitch? Although there is nothing to conclude here as both apps are amazing.

People love to watch content on Twitch, plus it there new features that twitch has been integrating are getting more attraction of the people. It’s said that twitch has gained a tremendous effect in its popularity over the last year. Most probably due to pandemic hit, people have started to expand their time watching Netflix, as well as on Twitch.

Adding discord there, as it has gained fame in the last year. That’s said people started playing online games to feel enjoy with their friends, and discord as the platform attracted them all.

Besides, a wide number of people started using discord for just using video conference calls. google hangouts is also kind of similar to discord.

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