Discord Vs Whatsapp Comparison

Discord Vs WhatsApp Comparison Best Explained 2021

Discord Vs WhatsApp Comparison: Discord and WhatsApp are both popular chattings apps; their smell has been diffused all over the world. That’s said, there has always been a conflict between two similar things: which one is better? So here let’s compare these apps by putting their features side by side as basically, both are from the same genre: chatting app, some many similar features are out there.


it is the best place for chatting with people you know personally and has their phone numbers saved on your mobile phone. It lets users make audio calls, video calls, video group calls, send files, text messages, etc. That’s for real WhatsApp is awful when it comes to joining communities or growing your communities. Even though you can create groups, but you cannot take care of everything there. 


This app also has all chatting app features such as sending text messages, video calls, audio calls, and sharing files, but that’s to say, it is focused on giving gamers a place to build up a community. That’s why discord has robust servers and bots that can manage a large community, unlike WhatsApp groups where only a specific number of people can join a group and no additional features to handle a big organization.

Discord Vs WhatsApp Comparison – Side by side 

Parameter WhatsApp Discord app
Prime purpose It is a chatting app for mobiles. It is more than a chatting app. It has versions as well.
Audio recording You can send audio recording messages in this app. This app does not have a voice-sharing feature.
Video calls It is suitable for video calls. It has features for video calls, but the quality is not as good as WhatsApp has.
Video conferencing It allows video conferring calls up to eight peoples. Video conferring feature also available in this app.
Free It is entirely free to use, without in-app purchases. It is free but has in-app purchases optionally for server boosting, premium stuff, etc.
Groups You can create groups there, but only 256 people can join at one time. You can create servers, invite people as many as you want; no limits.
End to end encryption WhatsApp used to end an end encryption app, but not anymore after the recent 2021 update. It is not an end to end encryption; chats have been stored in discord servers.
Privacy & security It is secure and takes care of privacy. It is also secure, takes care of user’s privacy by means; Both don’t sell user’s data.
File size File size less than 100 can be shared. File size more than 50MB can be shared, but it costs money.
Screen sharing You cannot share the screen in this app. You can share the screen in this app with other users on discord.
Work with games It has nothing to do with games.  It works with many games as an overlay; it gives features, chatting, texting while gaming.
Bots It does not have support for bots. It has support for bots. You can create one if you wish or integrate bots develop by people.
For Big community It is not good for growing a community. Groups are not enough for handling big numbers of people. It is great for building up your community, bots can manage your server, kick out spammers, and you can show events, even add games in the discord server to let them enjoy.
For chatting with friends It is good for chatting with people you personally know. Although it lets users allow chat with friends, the interface is not as simple as WhatsApp has.

Discord vs WhatsApp Privacy Policy

Discord vs WhatsApp Privacy Policy is quite obvious that discord is not end to end encrypted while as far as WhatsApp is concerned its policy contains it has end to end encryption which make WhatsApp more unique than discord in this regard.

WhatsApp Pros

WhatsApp app is insanely the popular chatting app, people from all over the world have installed this app on their smartphones. It is free and super fast that does not eat many resources. Therefore a low-end device runs it smoothly. If you look around a little bit searching for different similar apps, you can see WhatsApp features better than all. It just needed a phone number to verify an account, in the same way, connect with a person via the only number in a matter of minutes—no limits on video calling, audio calling. Everything is up there make this app an essential need for a smartphone.

  • Easier to install on phones
  • well maintained
  • Simple yet attractive user interface
  • Secure
  • Perfect place for sharing files, video calls people.
  • Only need a WhatsApp number to get in touch with a person on WhatsApp.

They all are the major factors that bring WhatsApp to the top.

Discord Pros

Discord app is doing well when looking at the concept it is rolling out. Mostly gamers, musicians, and such peoples that own a great fan base use discord to keep maintain an environment. The discord’s servers, therefore, play a profound role. For the reason that features for spammers are added, simply bots that can detect if someone violates a rule in a server, he could be muted as a punishment.

During Discord Vs WhatsApp Comparison it has been noted that discord has support for multiple features for gamers. The top one is Audio chatting. People play online games on discord that do not come up with in-built mic support; using this app. They get in touch with such games that raise the pleasure of playing a game.

  • It is the best platform for handling big communities.
  • Multiple features are for handling a server.
  • It has support for many apps.
  • It lets you get into the community you are interested in.
  • It is free up to some extent paid as well.

WhatsApp Cons

WhatsApp has some major drawbacks that are the major obstacle for why it is losing users. One of them is you cannot easily import or export your chats when you want to access your WhatsApp from a different place it becomes difficult. As you need to carry the phone number with you in an effort to access your account, that makes it super limited. Besides, there is no PC version yet has a web version, but still, you need to have WhatsApp running on your phone to scan the QR code, and at a certain distance, the connecting will revoke. Say it secure or limited. The fact is it often feels troublesome.

  • It cannot handle large communities as the groups are not for such purposes.
  • It is limited to just a phone number. You strictly need to have the phone number to access it, as it does not work with emails.
  • Importing and exporting chats is difficult from android to ios.

Discord Cons

It is over featured for a basic user. Although it has almost every fundamental feature that is needed but way far over-optimized for a person who just needed to chat with the friends he knows only. Joining servers is risky as you will see there so many random people, evil-minded ones also, that’s to say only mature people can take that risk.

Moreover, unlike WhatsApp, it does not integrate well with your mobile phone such that it cannot detect a discord user by looking at your contact information. Therefore when getting in contact with a person in a private chat, you need to send him/her a friend request in the app. Lastly, it is not a free app the features out there required money to unlock.

  • It is not great for chatting end-to-end encryption.
  • Discord servers can be rated 18+, you need to make sure before joining, and it is risky for kids.
  • It is not well integrated with the mobile device; you need to send a friend request to add him/her to your friend list for contacting a person.
  • It is not free for everyone, several features required money in order to unlock them, plus in free mode, you cannot do much in your server as compared to the paid server.

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