Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Discord

We hope you are having a good day! Do you ever wonder what the people in your discord server are talking about? well, continue reading so we can inform you of the most random facts in the history of time.

Discord is a free voice and text app for gamers. It was released on March 14, 2015, to be used with the gaming platform “steam”. If you don’t know what steam is then that means that you are probably not into video games or computers or anything like that.

Fun fact 1: Everyone knows Discord as the best voice and text chat app out there, but did you know that it can also do video chatting? You just need to have a camera plugged into your computer then simply click the “+” sign next to your user name in the text chat window.

Fun fact 2: Do you happen to use “Groups”? Well, they aren’t pointless! You can actually create them yourself within Discord for whatever purposes you want. They allow you to have a sort of household where everyone is welcome, or perhaps a group of friends who always play together. Additionally, these groups are not limited by their invitations either! Anyone can join any open group unless specified otherwise by its creator.

Fun fact 4: There are many ways to mute, deafen, and even ban users within Discord. One of the most helpful tools is muting notifications during events such as server updates or when someone joins or leaves. This tool allows you to still see what`s happening but without all of the noise. Muting also works well for channels you don`t need notifications from (such as game chat). Other helpful tools include locking or deleting posts in text channels, pinning posts for easy access, temporarily silencing channels (which stops everyone in that channel from talking), and banning specific users for minor offences) which prevents them from entering a channel.

Fun fact 3: Did you know that Discord has an app for both iOS and Android? You can start chatting on mobile with your friends when you`re away from home too! The mobile app is also helpful in case you don`t have your computer open at the time, but would still like to participate in chat. In addition, notifications are available on the mobile app as well so you won`t miss anything while away from your computer.

These fun facts were not found through personal experience, but rather through various sources such as CNET, Ignaja and Boost Casino resource page. They give additional knowledge about Discord in a how-to type of format.

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