Fun Games to play on discord with friends

Some Fun Games to Play on Discord with Friends Online! 2021

It is always good to entertain friends in your discord, so why you don’t let them have Fun Games to play on discord with friends that will keep them rejoicing all the time. So that, the reputation of your server will also get boosted when you add such sorts of activities.

Here I’m going to list the best games to play on discord, online with your friends, or single-player.

Bot Games to play on Discord

We have picked fun gaming bots that you can add to your server for members. These do not require individuals to install them on their devices, with installing every person on a server and enjoy fun Games to play on discord with friends online

Discord Dungeons

Discord Dungeons

It is a kind of adventure plus text-based RPG game that offers endless hours of gaming experience. The role of this game is to like to be in a forest where you see animals, you have to beat them up so that they become your pets. Other additional features that bring this discord game on top, you have to mine. craft, woodcut, fishing to collect points. Purchase gears against those coins. Further, it is basically an online game so you can trade things with other players in the game. 



GamesROB comes up with so many mini-games, adding this gaming bot to a server will enhance the activity. Games like battleship, tic-tac-toe, Hangman, connect Four, Truth & and dare, Memory game, and many others are packed up there. It has a leader where members can see who is doing the best, plus each victory gives some virtual coins that can be used for betting on a round-match.



It is a sort of pokemon game. You catch, you train, you battle. Generally speaking, the new bot is pretty much making out the concept of an older discord game poke. Although it is no more available yet a fan-favorite. Talking about its main role that is a picture of the pokemon cartoon, a couple of pokemon are added along with their abilities, attack, dodges, special attacks, health power, and so forth. Battle online with members, earn points by winning a battle. Purchase other in-game stuff. Best for people who are big fans of pokemon.



Chess is one of the best puzzle games we know already, do you know? You can now play this game on discord with your friends online. If you have ever played this game before, you know better there are no special words to say about this. When its name speaks for itself. Play by using commands that you get from their official website, also from there you can get the link to add this to your server. Let members of your server enjoy a chess puzzle game on discord.



On the discord platform, text-based games are really fun. Here comes down this idle RPG that is also a text-based role-playing game, the main role of this game is to create your own unique character, battles, interact with other online players, and so forth. The best thing about this game is the character you’ve built will not be lost when you leave a discord server and join another one. Overall, the best choice for people who have a community of young people, such gaming bots will trigger activities on a server.



Idle miner is another super fun game on discord to play. The concept of this game is quite similar to Minecraft. So you can add this to your Minecraft server if you have one. The gameplay is all-around earning in-game coins to increase your level. Mining rate reckons on your level, plus some additional pets also lend a hand in the game.

There are different things you can mine, woods, gold, stones, each has its unique value that you can see on the dashboard, also there is a dashboard where you can see the levels of the member. That makes it competitive for everyone. 

Dragon Bot Z

Dragon BOT Z

As the name suggests Dragon bot z. It is basically a text-based role-playing game where you can summon characters from Dragon ball z, battle online with members, use special attacks depending upon how powerful your character is, If you are a hardcore fan of animes, or if you ever have gone through watching a few of them. Then you can draw a picture in your mind about this discord game. Out of this in case you are running an anime server, then such sort of discord game will captivate the entire members like no one can.

Garlic Bot

Gartic Bot

Garlic is really a fun game that you can enjoy on discord with your friends. The gameplay is about guessing a drawing given by the bot, people on a server have to guess the image right. One who guesses correctly will get some rewards, plus it gives a leaderboard stats so that makes it super attractive, and gives rise to members to take down the person who is currently leaping forward. Additionally, this game lets people upload their own custom images as a task to guess other people on a server.



Trivia is a sort of gaming bot. Mainly this bot asks questions and members have to guess to correct one from the given options, a kind of MCQs games. The number of questions is pretty massive, over 90,000+.

It covers questions from all the categories, movies, anime, games, songs, web series, general, so you can spend a good time with this bot with members. Like other bots, it also displays the leader boards, with members’ names listed there based on points.

Games to play on discord

The below games are fun plus action, play on discord enabling the voice chat overlay feature to chat with your teammates in the gameplay. 

Among us

AMong uS

Among us is an online detective game that you should try at least. Essentially these days it’s getting popular with each passing day. Talking about its concept; the game begins with eight players in a room. Each player has given tasks to complete while taking care of an imposter who is disguising among you. So while the detectives are completing the tasks the imposter is there to find a way to kill the players.

But, it would not be an easy task for an imposter too, as after seeing a dead body of a player. A player can hold a meeting and start voting for the imposter. The tricky part is, guessing the correct imposter will not be easy for the players. However, the player who gets the greater number of votes will get disqualified. Finally, if you can find the imposter you win, if the imposter played it well you lose. Anyways, you could be an imposter or detective randomly.



Minecraft is an open-source role-playing game. It is really a great fun way to spend time on discord with friends. Play online this and let the discord voice chat feature work for talking with friends. Talking about this game’s features, it is basically a ground where you play what you want, you create upon your creativity, trade resources, purchase materials to build your dream house.

The limit of this game feature is sky-high as it lets you convert this game into whatever shape you would like to have. Whatever you desire, racing, PVP, role-playing, pet-keeping, you can do this in this game with the resources you get there. Plus this game has a wide community around it.



Pubg is an online battle royal game. Although the game has built-in microphone features, you can use the discord app for a better gaming experience. In the battle royal games, 100 players land on a wide island with empty hands, seeking equipment gears, medkits, weapons. A danger circle in the game brings players together as time passes.

Players bring closer each and the intense battle takes place. Do what it takes to be the last one standing, play solo, duo, or in a squad mode. Choose a variety of maps where the angle is the fan favorite. Arcade, classic, TDM, and many modes there to choose between. Plus, far-ranging weapons, suits, skins, and stunning outfits are also available in this thrilling game.



Quiplash is a fun casual game that you can play on discord with friends all around the globe. The game begins with some hilarious questions, players who play have to answer them according to their own taste. For deciding which of them has given the right answer, well there is a large community for this. They vote for the answer that sounds more interesting, and the winner is decided on the basis of votes count. The interesting part here you can also see answers that other players have given, thus vote for the one which you think is right.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal crossing

Animal crossing is role-played game that gives endless hours of gaming experience. With beautiful features, High-quality graphics, adorable characters. They all make this game stand out, diving into features that are too many to talk about tough.

Your role is to live a life as a character, purchase a house, items, food for a living. Adopt a pet if you feel alone, anyway you can play this on discord using overlay voice chat. I’m actually not pretty much sure about what more this game offers, you better go check this out. It’ll be fun. 

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