how to change discord background Step By Step Guide

How to Change Discord Background Image in Mobile & PC 2021

Many discord users want to show customize background to their fans but they don’t know how to change discord background. Changing the background theme in Discord is actually not possible if you are using the official version. You have only two choices left, one dark mode and another light mode. Unfortunately, you cannot go beyond this if you are using the official discord app.

You might be wondering how the other discord users are using custom themes when you cannot see such an option there?

Well, most users on discord who have changed theme are not using the official discord app, out of this they are using the moded one which is the betterdiscord. It is moded by a third party, so you are not recommended to try this.

On the stage you have already made up your mind about this, then I cannot stop you anymore. But help you with the steps. Let’s get started.

How to change discord background in 2021?

The method works for Android & IOS mobile users as well the pc & Chromebook users there is no much difference in this process. So keep following the steps whether no matter the device you’ve, the only thing is required the capability of running the discord app.

Step.1 Download betterdiscord version

First of all, you have to leave the official discord and choose this moded. Although it could lead to your account banning such as if the discord developers find such activity, they will show mercy while kicking you out and will ban your IP for a lifetime. Therefore think deeply before taking up this big step.

Step.2 Install it, open it up

After that you have downloaded the app, now it is time to install it, as usual, you do with other software.  Don’t worry if you are following this process for applying on a iPhone mobile, it will work the same as for PC.

Sometimes you might get errors during installation, it happens when you don’t choose the correct version of the app. Therefore lock on the perfect version you depending on the computer specs you own. Otherwise, you keep falling into such types of errors and maybe you end your journey thinking that it is too difficult, which is indeed not a fair reason.

how to change discord background 2021

Step.3 Login into app

Login into this new app you have just downloaded and probably installed on your device. simply open it up, and fill the boxes with your email and personal password, that you have generated on official discord. The same account will work here as well you don’t need to create another one..discord vs. google hangouts- Updated 2021.

Step.4 Download a custom theme

Take a stop there, and we first have to download a theme. Because this moded version has not any in-built tough it supports for them. So in order to download a theme of your own choice, you can visit this website that has tons of custom themes over there, get any for free. Or you go to out this blog post where we have listed the best themes for discord, all are attractive and beautiful looking.

While downloading a theme, remember the directory where you store it, as our next will be to drag it onto the app.

how to change discord background complete guide

Step.5 Open the app>, User settings

So you have now everything on your hands, right. You have the moded version and theme you just downloaded. Now it is time to let their main steps begin. Click to open the app, if you have already opened it great then. Go to the discord settings, you can do this by clicking on the gear icon. Move your mouse cursor all the way down, to find out the “Theme” option there. Click on it, and follow the next step.

how to change discord background step 5

Step.6 Upload theme

Unlike the official version of discord, you can see there are some extra features and settings are available. Consequently, you will see on the theme settings there will be one more option available to “Upload a theme.” All you have to do now, just pick the theme you’ve downloaded, by the way, you can do this by tapping on the upload theme option.  or you have used PC so you can drag the theme into there and, it will upload.

Depending on the theme you have uploaded there, you can now the whole background image in discord has been changed. Enjoy this new look.

how to change discord background upload theme

Can you customize discord?

No, no at all. even you are very limited to change your background on the official Discord. The only possible way out is to use a better discord version. It has the capabilities to let you customized some features that would love to have. Besides, it is now getting popular every day, which simply means so many discord official users are now adopting this version in order to enjoy a colorful background, which otherwise is not doable in the official version.

If You have any question or still confuse about how to change discord background then you should read the full article again and apply the steps which we describe above.

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