How to cross out text in discord

How to cross out text in discord Step by Step Complete Guide (March 2021)

Since discord is the one of the most popular chatting apps, allowing people to join communities according to their touch, what they like, what they don’t. For instance, if someone has interest in gaming then, on discord, a large number of gaming communities are welcoming you to join for free. Meet new people all around the word with the same interests as you own.

When chatting in the Discord app, a number of people know how to cross out text in discord, yet many people are still trying to figure this out.

But, Do you know you can also make your text cross out? The method is not as difficult as you might have taken, you only need to put two symbols between and after your message.

How to cross out text in discord
How to cross out text in discord

How to cross out text in discord

Put two tildes before and after your message and sent it, your message will show in the cross out format. For example, ~~I am a cross out text ~~. That’s it, it is that simple and efficient. It is basically called Strikethrough text format.

The symbol can be found in your keyboard at top left corner, below the ESC button.  Now hold the CTRL and then press the same button. Now it will write down a tilde (~).

The Discord PC version has some additional settings to format a text, thus it is in the newer update so many of the users might not have used them. If you are also one of them who didn’t see such a feature in the discord, then the above method will work great for you.

Either way, the Discord mobile app user has no other choice left then this method, in order to format text into cross out text in the discord app. So, those who are using discord mobile can use this method. It is neither limited nor goes against privacy policy, therefore you can format as many plain text into cross text while sending a message on a discord server. Never mind!

Apart from just making your text cross out, there are many more ways to format a text, like you can format your text into italics, underline, bold, and changing the font colour is also possible in the Discord app.

If you want to learn more about Discord text formatting then you can have a look at our blog posts where we have mentioned the ways to format a text in the discord as well changing the font colour

Text formats in Discord other than Cross out

There are many text formats in the Discord app that you can adopt as similar to cross out text.They all need to put different symbols before and after a word.

To make a text bold in the discord.

You will need to put two asterisks before and after the word. For example ** I am a bold text**

To make a text italics in the Discord.

You will need to put one asterisk before and after the message. For example * I am an italics Text*.

Italics and bold text formats are most commonly used in the Discord, therefore we have put down them in this blog post.

What is Cross out text?

Cross out text or Strikethrough text, is a typographical representation of text. It gives a meaning to users that this text is not for readability, mistaken, or deleted from the context.

It is text with crossed horizontal lines between, that make it look something like a cut out. That’s the reason this text format’s meaning is similar to it looks.

Why should you use Cross out text?

Most writers use cross out the text to tell their readers about something that was once taken place or pointing at an idea which is no longer in the subject.

So when you use cross out text in your discord message, make sure you understand the use of this specific text format. You can use these types of text to tell the readers about the thing that has been kicked out, it could be a study subject or week-end plan. When you format this into cross out, it will mean that the thing is no longer available.

How does the Cross out format in the Discord?

Discord formats text due to the markdown language, it is a scripting language for text and used by many chatting platforms including Discord mobile app.

Discord text format also comes from the Markdown language, the symbol we use to format a text into cross out is basically one of the Markdown language syntax. That’s the reason for all text formatting in Discord app, they are all based on the markdown language.

Is using text formats in Discord illegal?

No, it is not illegal nor your account is in risk. Text formats are as simple as just adding a cool flavour to your Text. Either changing colour, or some cool formatting, all are fair.

There is no limit from Discord, you can use cross out text in the discord app as long as you wish, however the people in a server might get fed up when you send each message in the cross out format.

Up to some extent text formatting is good, but i don’t recommend spam with this on a server.

Auth’s remarks

Discord is one of my favorite places to spend time, like you guys I do like to find out interesting things about discord. When I found this text formatting, I used to write all of my message wrapping into a text format. Either, bold, italics, and cross out. I just used them as I liked because my messages looked different from others.

But once i realized, when i use cross out text in the Discord. Most people started feeling frustrated. As they are no longer interested in what I am doing. Therefore, i recommended all of you guys, never spam after you learn how to cross out text in the Discord. I’ll kill all the fun. Cheers!

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