How to italicize in discord

How to italicize in Discord Step by Step Guide 2021

How to italicize in Discord step by step

When you see a discord user is using italics words in his message in a server and taking the reader’s attention, then he must need to know that How to italicize in Discord. It might trigger you to do the same, because it looks pretty awesome and the message itself stands out. As a result, more readers pay attention to that message.

But the problem is when you try to find out such an option to change the text format of your words. You will end up with nothing, it is due to there is currently no unique feature to format a text into italicize in the discord app.

For this reason, you have to learn some syntaxes to know how to italicize in Discord; consequently, we have mentioned here the way for making a text italicize so that now you can also make your words italic as well bold in the discord app.

How to italicize in discord

This is how to italicize text in Discord.

Put a single asterisk (*) before and after a word just like this- *I am an italicize text* and send it in a discord server. It will look italics after you publish it.

Put triple asterisk (***) before and after a word to format it Italic-Bold- Just like that, *** I am an italicize and a bold text ***. Right after you send this formatted message on a Discord server, it will wrap into the italic-bold look.

I think you have learned how to italicize text in discord. Besides making a text italicize it looks pretty awesome, and you have the power and skill to make your text look italic in the discord app in such a way that now readers will pay more attention to your discord message.

However, giving an italicized look to your text in the discord is cool, but you should have knowledge about when to use italics words, or when to use simple words.

Use italics text in your message while chatting with friends on a discord server, when you mention a specific name in your message. In such a way that the name of any particular thing stands out for a reader. Simply, italics words used for grabbing out some additional attention.

You can also italic format in discord in your message when telling a story to your someone, you can use italic format for one character and simple text for the second one. In this way readers can understand the difference between two sentences, however, it is very rare to use italics words. But, at some points, it turns out beneficial.

How to bold and italicize in discord

Giving a bold and italicized look to your message is useful up to some extent. And it’s pretty easy to do this. Let me show you an example along the way so you can understand it thoroughly.

For instance, to make a text look Bold in the discord, you will have to put two asterisks (**) before and after the word, and sent it to a Discord server. Just like this **I am a Bold text**.

You can also combine italicize and bold text format into one. It will look similar to this text “I am a bold and italics text.”

 To give a bold and italics look to your font at the same time, you will have to use three asterisks before and after the words. Example for this, *** I am a bold and italicize text***

It does not end up here. Except for formatting Bold and Italics, You can produce different text formatting in the Discord. It is because it supports the Markdown language. That can pick the specific syntax that you put along with the text, and it accordingly transforms that into the format. It would be easy to understand for people who have used or understand the basics of a programming language.

In case you want to learn more about text formatting in the Discord app. Then, you will need to have a basic understanding of the Markdown language. All the text formats, whether italics, bold, underline, run through by the discord’s markdown language.

Discord Markdown

Markdown is a markup language for text. Take it as a tool used to change a text formatting, whether to make a text look bold, italics, underline, in fact by using Discord Markdown you can change the colour of a text.

Fortunately, Discord uses the Markdown scripting, that’s the reason Discord users like us are able to format a text into different styles. The syntaxes or codes we use before and after a word are genuinely the markdown code formats that we use in the Discord.

Discord does not mind using the markdown language code to format a plain text into italics, bold, or anything. It just does not go against the discord privacy violation. Using the markdown language syntaxes there are much more cool text formatting features you can learn and apply on your discord message, to make your message stand out on a server.

Since it is a language then is pretty sure you need to learn its syntaxes.

Watch Video Tutorial For Step By Step Guide.

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