How to Make a Good Discord Server 2021 [Step By Step Guide]

In the beginning, Discord was developed to fulfill the communication needs of gamers only. But now, for its revised features, the app has established itself as a full-fledged group-chatting app. You can find a myriad of communities having a mutual interest in your favorite topics, including games, socializing, education, entertainment, and a lot of others.

Discord claims to have an estimated count of 140 million active users on a monthly basis. If you aspire to become a member of the world’s most popular Discord community, you need to be aware of how to make a good Discord server?

How to Set Up a Discord Server?

How to Make a Good Discord Server

Before you make a Discord server, you should be familiar with Discord’s basic terminology, like what a server is or what is meant by a channel.

Server: A specific community or a peer group constitutes a server, a space on Discord. Servers could be small, based on invitation only or large servers, easily accessible to the public. You can start a server for free and invite your fellows.

Channel: There are text and voice channels in a server, specified to different subjects and rules. Like you can type messages, share images or upload files for your community through text channels. Similarly, you can Go Live with your group through a real-time voice call and video call or screen share option.

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 How to Make a Successful Discord Server?

How to Make a Successful Discord Server

Setting up a Discord server successfully is a piece of cake. Follow these small steps, and here you go.

  1. You can download Discord for Windows, Linux, Android, or iOS, macOS. Another way is to go to the Discord web interface.
  2. The next step is to create a free user account, enabling you to go ahead.
  3. Then you open the app and sign in. It asks whether you want to join a server or create a new one. Either you are already a Discord user or a newbie, in both cases, you will see the page. Click on the plus button in the interface.
  4. It leads to another pop-up. Now click on the Create a Server button to create a new server.
  5. Name your server and mention your region. If it doesn’t detect it, choose another region and click on the Create button.

Now you are automatically connected to your newly-created server. Select your server icon on the left and click on the drop-down arrow to explore the app. Here you will see options for settings, creating categories, notifications, inviting friends, and much more.

Discord Server Ideas

Discord Server IdeasHow to make a good Discord server? Now when you have established your Discord server, it is important to keep it engaged, dynamic, and interacting with your community. Here are some brilliant Discord server ideas.

1. A Warm Introduction

A warm introduction channel would help familiarize the visitors with the server. Or you can assign the task to a bot if it is not feasible to welcome every member individually. Through bots, you can DM a welcome note, introduce the server, channels, and rules and allow them to introduce themselves, their interests, and expectations from the server. It also allows the members to get to know each other.

2. Creating Interest-Based Channels

 A wholesome interest-based channel enables the members to have a more focused, fruitful conversation around the subject. For instance, if your niche is about pets, you can create a channel about dogs, another about cats, or parrots, and so on.

3. Announcement Channel

A notification channel keeps the members in the loop. It allows them to keep updated, engrossed, and interacting with the server. You can do so by sharing links, posting news, updates, and information about upcoming events.

4. Adding Memes Channels

Everyone adores memes. A memes channel allows the members to share funny, hilarious stuff. A separate meme platform is a place where you can share interesting content without the fear of being out of context or interrupting a conversation.

5. A Text Channel for Voice Channel Discussion

A text channel for the voice channel in your server enables the members to post commands related to voice channel discussion. So the server can have a record of the ongoing activity in the voice channel. It is an amazing way to keep the server organized.

6. Queries-Based Channels

A separate question-based channel helps to clear any doubts or queries regarding the server. It encourages the members to indulge themselves actively in the activities and create a healthy community rapport.

Discord Server Template

How to make a good Discord server? Discord server templates help you to clone the server’s channels, roles, categories, and much more. To import a server template, first, copy its link and paste it into the URL space of your browser. Open Discord and click on Create to import the template.

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Using a Discord Server Template

Go to the Discord template website. The website contains many categories of server templates. Choose your category for a desirable template and click on Use Template. It will direct you to the Discord app, where you can replace your template with another template of your choice. Click on the Plus sign, type the server name in the server name field. Finally, click on Create to a new template. Here are a few suggestions for the best Discord server templates.

  1. Cute Simple Aesthetic Server: A simple template for minimalists has a simple layout. It is appropriate for small servers with fewer channels.
  2. Garden Cafe: A café-themed template has a cool emoji variety to make the server captivating for visitors. Offers four channels for info, chatting, calls, and staff.
  3. Gaming Community Friends: It is an ideal template for gaming Discord servers with the maximum possibility to chill out with your gaming gang. It offers interesting gaming channels like open game talk, game teams, game duos, and game trios.

Final Words

Discord is an awesome application that serves a huge band of purposes, either educational, socialization, entertainment, or others. It is easily manageable. How to make a good Discord server? Nothing to worry about. Keep the above few things in mind to enjoy the amusing features of the app with your online squad.

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