how to spoiler on discord

How to Spoiler on Discord in 2021-(Step by Step Guide)

How to Spoiler on Discord? Discord is so far the most significant place where you gather similar-minded people. Usually, you share stuff with people who have similar interests. In order to you want to share that only can be seen by people who intend to.

That’s the reason. The Discord has some features to do that. Just to make the app more user friendly, it has some features associate with the Markdown language. As we have talked about text formatting before, the spoiler tag has also belonged to that.

This is how to spoiler on Discord.

In order to mark images as spoilers on the Discord mobile, before sending a message place /spoiler or ||your message||. For images, you will need to rewrite the image name and place /spoiler before the name, then share. Discord pc has a different option for images and attachment for making them as spoilers.

If this does not make any sense to you, scroll down this blog post, we have mentioned the ways on how to spoiler on discord, a text, an image, in Discord mobile App, and the Discord PC App.

how to spoiler on discord
how to spoiler on discord

How to Mark a text spoiler in the Discord app?

It is pretty simple and easy to mark a text as a spoiler.

You can do this in two ways.

●     Method one-

Place a /spoiler tag before the message you want to click to read. You can do this with one line or sentences. It works for all the words you write next to it. You can see this example. A black shadow now covers the text. When someone taps on it, it will become readable.

●     Method two-

||Your message|| use these horizontal lines kind of symbols and cover your text as same as you see up there. Simply, You will need to place two horizontal lines before the words and after the phrase. And the text will turn out spoiled, only be readable to those who click on it.

How to spoiler images on discord?

You can mark images or attachment files spoiler in the Discord app, If you use Discord on your PC, or Discord web app then it will be much easier for you.

Spilling an image is a good practice, mostly when you want to share something you don’t think everybody in the discord server will like. Therefore, you have a way to share something that would not disturb anyone while clicking on it, only can see.

This feature is not officially available in the Discord mobile app. However, we have found a working method.

●     Spoil Image on Discord PC

Before publishing an image on the Discord PC simply choose the image, you want to share on a Discord server. You will see an option of the left side, mark a spoiler and click on it. It is that simple.

●     Spoil image on Discord Mobile

Since the Discord mobile app has not officially supported the feature to mark an image as Spoiled. Anyway, you can do this by putting the /spoiler tag before the image name.

You need to rename the image from the gallery, you can name it whatever you wish but always place the /spoiler tag before, or alternatively, you can use || image name||. Now share the image, it will be marked as a spoiler. Similarly, one needs to click on it to view it.

[sc_fs_faq html=”true” headline=”h3″ img=”” question=”Why should you use spoiler tags on Discord? ” img_alt=”” css_class=””] Use spoiler tags when you don’t want all community members to read a specific text, or view an image. Or when using any abusive words in the context. Marking them Spoiler will alert people this is something the publisher doesn’t want everyone to read, as it covers the so-called text blackout. [/sc_fs_faq]

Auth’s remark- Discord’s Spoiler tags

Mark as spoiler option is not currently available for discord mobile. Therefore we have written this guide for people who want alternative ways to do that.

Currently, the discord PC and Discord website has included this feature. A user can easily hide a text, image, attachment. However, this similar feature will soon be added on Discord mobile. Until then, you can use this spoiler tag.

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