How to stop discord from opening on startup

How to stop discord from opening on startup – Easy Guide 2021

Everyone has their personal reasons and explanations for why they want to stop discord from opening on startup automatically. It might be due to resource consumption, Data saving, and something related to privacy protection. Let’s see how to stop discord from opening on startup.

The most simple and effective method to stop/disable Discord from opening without permission-

  • Open your “Discord App”.
  • >Click on “Settings”
  • >Click on Windows> Turn off the “System Startup Behavior.”

 By following these steps you can stop discord apps from opening.

However, sometimes it might not work for some OS mainly in windows this method seems not working properly. Not to worry about, you can apply the following method 2 if the above one has not worked for you.

Second Method: how to stop discord from opening on startup windows 10

Not just the Discord app, by this method you can disable any app from an auto startup in the background, all the apps that you have installed on your desktop can be disabled.

Follow these steps if you’re a Windows 10 user.

  • >Click on the “Task Manager”
  • >Click on the “Startup”
  • >Find “Discord App” in the row.
  • >Hit right-click and “Disable”

If you have followed these steps accordingly, you might have nailed it! You can check now by closing down your desktop and turning on it again. One more time, go to the task manager> startup option and you can see that your Discord app has been disabled. It’ll no longer auto start until you want.

Should I disable all startup programs?

It is not necessary either so long as you don’t need to care about the resource consumption as well Data consumption. But, in case you do care for them, definitely you should Disable the programs from auto opening.

Many apps and games including Discord, PUBG Mobile, MineCraft, Steam etc. Eat resources even if you are not using them at that time. They even sometimes also consume your Data, in a result, your Data plan will soon reach its limit.

That’s why you should disable them from auto startup so you can control your Machine resources, also doing this will keep your operating system lighter, an increase in performance will be evident.

Steps with Pictures: to disable Discord from running on boot.

In the event you have not figured this out, the step-by-step guide with pictures might assist you better then. Simply do the same as we have shown in the below pictures.

Method 1 with pictures- Discord app settings

Open your Discord app, on the left-bottom. A gear Icon is placed indicating the Settings. Simply Click on it. Then you will see something similar to this picture.

How to stop discord from opening on startup
How to stop discord from opening on startup

When you Drag your Mouse Cursor all the way Bottom, an option name “Windows setting” will be there, open it up by clicking.

After that, you will see this window as the picture below.

How to stop discord from opening on startup
How to stop discord from opening on startup

We have marked a red line on the option, you only have to switch it off. By default, it is enabled.

Disabling this button will force Discord not to auto-start when you are not using it.

Method 2 with pictures- Task manager in windows (7, 8, 10)

This method comes in handy for several apps, when you want to keep them close until you don’t open them. However, several apps come with an in-built option for disabling them from auto-opening. But not all of them have such a feature.

First, you have to head towards the task manager, you can find the task manager mostly in the bottom-left corner, or you can search for this by using the windows search bar. It is so simple.

Once you are in the Task Manager, you will see a horizontal row containing some options. Click on Startup from there> and hover your mouse cursor above the app you want to disable from auto opening.

How to stop discord from opening on startup

The picture is telling you how the interface will look like, once you find the app name hit the right click, and select “Disable” from the options.


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