How to tell if someone is invisible on Discord complete guide 2021

Are you wondering  how to tell if someone is invisible on Discord? Well, this blog will help you to find out to check someone is visible on Discord or not.  Let’s first discuss all the details about Discord and how it works.

How to tell if someone is invisible on Discord plugin

Discord is undoubtedly one of the best social platforms for gamers. Using this, you can easily communicate, send messages, try video calling, and much more. According to a recent report shared by Wikipedia, it has almost 250 million users. And among these users are mostly gamers. Isn’t it amazing?

But the main question that everyone wants to ask is how to tell if someone is invisible on Discord or not? Well, there is no way that you can find out if someone is visible or not. Yes, you can consider it as a blessing or curse. However yet, there is no way that you can find if your friends or enemies are online or offline. It can be quite frustrating but will save you as well. Ask me How? Others will also not be able to see you, which means you can easily continue your work and hide from others.

However, some people think that when they send messages, they can easily find out whether they are online or offline. So, keep in mind that all the messages that you send go to the server. And it doesn’t have to do anything online or offline. If someone is offline, they will receive the messages.

Is there a way how to see if someone is online on Discord while not visible

Like I have mentioned above, there is no way to see if someone is online on Discord when they are invisible. However, there are some tricks that you can try. I am going to mention some of them below.

  1. Spot them on a Voice Message

If you have sent them a voice message and they are offline, you can easily spot them. But the question is, how?  If someone plays your voice message, you will see a bar from where you can get an idea that they have played your voice message. This is basically an easy way to find out if that person is online or not.

  1. Check from Their Typing

Just like WhatsApp, you can verify availability by seeing the typing…. Yes, this symbol will help you to find if someone is active or not.

So, there were two ways that you can use to find out if someone is online or not.

How to check the status of invisible or offline on Discord

Yet, there is no method available that can show you the visibility of a person because many people have changed the status of Discord offline. That means their status is put offline. However, we have mentioned some simple tricks above that would definitely be helpful for you.

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