how to unban someone on discord

How to unban someone on discord server Android, iPhone, and PC

Have you banned someone mistakenly? Or it might be you are determined to unban a banned member on discord? If you are looking for a guide to let you know how to unban someone on discord server?

You’ve landed on the best resource then.

Here in this blog post, we will tell you how to unban someone on discord easily, whether you use discord on your pc, discord website, or discord android the process will be the same for both.

How to unban someone on discord? Lets go. Ensure first that you are an admin of the server, second open the server settings by clicking the down-side arrow icon, then go to the server settings>> ban list and remove the name from the list of the person you want to unban.

Still not understand? Let‘s have a closed look and see step by step how to do that.

how to unban someone on discord
how to unban someone on discord

How to unban someone on discord server- 6 simple steps

You can follow these steps to unban anyone on discord. It will not take you a long time. Besides the steps are simple, I know when you don’t know something, it looks hard at first glance. But, believe me, you will say at the end of this blog post. “That was too easy.”

But before you know how to unban someone on discord– I would like to recommend you to tell the person whom you’re going to lift the ban that, “it will be the last warning if he will do something wrong again then, you will never unban him/her no matter what.”

Let’s see the steps.

Step 1- Open your Discord app, whether on PC or Mobile.

You will have to log in and open the discord app first, this is a fundamental step, anyway.

But before proceeding further, are you really an admin of that Discord server? If your answer is YES, I’m. You are welcome to keep following the steps, In case you’re not! Then, kindly become an admin first. You can ask an admin of that server to make you an admin, tell him the reason. Or you can request him/her (the admin) to unban a person, give the name if the admin wishes then he could do this for you otherwise if you’re not an admin. There’s no way you can unban someone from someone else’s server.

Step 2- Open the server.

Now you need to head over the server in which you want someone to unban, and if there are too many servers already on your server list, no problem you can use the discord search bar right up to the server list and put the server name. It will save you time.

Step 3- Join the server.

You will need to join or enter the server in order to unblock someone from that server.

Step 4- Open the server settings.

You can find a server settings option by clicking on the down-side arrow right up before the chatting place. The location may differ in respect to other Discord versions. Anyway, the primary step is to go to the server settings from which a user needs to unban.

Step 5- from the setting menu> Click onto the Ban option.

When you click the setting, a list of different setting options will appear as usual. However, scroll all the way down and focus on the last few options. The “BANS” option will also be listed there. Click to open it.

Step 6- Search for the name to unban

Once you get into the Band options, a list of banned people will be there eventually their user names will be there. You can unban by tapping onto a name you aim to unban, and that’s it. The person wouldn’t join the server again.

How to unban yourself on someone else’s discord server?

Sadly, there is no way you can do this. If you’re not an admin, nor the owner of the server. You can’t unban yourself from someone else’s Discord server.

All you can do is request, apologies for your behaviour if you did something wrong, and try to explain your words to the Discord server admin to assure him/her to lift the ban you have pulled.

You can contact the server admin to different social media platforms, or get help from a member inside the server to reach your apology request to the server admin, make him realise you have learned from your mistake, or never do again. It is the only way you can unban yourself from someone’s server.

What will happen if you unban someone on discord?

After unbanning, a banned user can again join the server he has banned before, see messages, all the activities, and reply to other people as usual.

There will be no signs left once you unban a person on discord, everything will become normal again for that user.

Are bans of Discord permanent?

There are two bans in the Discord chatting ban, depending on these two a Discord ban can be permanent or temporary according to a member’s behaviour.

Let’s explore the types of bans and know which one is temporary and which one is permanent.

Discord server ban or kick out.

This type of ban is mostly pulled by a server’s admin when a user tries to spam on a server or misbehaves someone. Then an administrator of the server has rights to kick out that member by banning him since an admin has to keep the community pure and friendly to everyone, however in some cases banning only the solution.

This type of ban basically can be a permanent or temporary as the member can apologise to an admin for his behaviour and convince him to let him join the community again.

The above guide is related to this method, by following the steps mentioned above, you can unban someone on discord.

Discord ban on an account.

The ban pulled by the Discord algorithm is most likely considered as a permanent ban. This happens when someone goes against the Discord policy violation, such as spamming URLs, spamming affiliate links, inappropriate materials on different servers. The person who does this as long as the Discord Algorithm notices this kind of behaviour, then it pulls a permanent ban. Or in some rare case temporarily too.

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