How to Video Call on Discord Mobile

How to Video Call on Discord Mobile Simplest & Best Way 2021

Many of us think discord is just an app for hanging out online with friends via text messages, audio calls, etc. Only a few know we can use it for video calling. Here is the simplest guide on this topic that how to video call on discord mobile explore the easiest way to pull it off.

To start a video call on Discord app on mobile.

  • Open the app discord app.
  • Go to the settings> Allow video & and audio. 
  • Open the DM messages.
  • Invite on an audio call.
  • Tap the Camera icon to start a video call.

As of this moment, the video call will transfer to the person whom you’ve called. Once the person accepts it, both you and your friend will soon be on the video call.

However, there are some more into this like many options are there that you can apply. If you didn’t understand yet the steps written in text, then let’s go for an image guide showing the steps in detail.

How to make video call on discord mobile- Steps with picture

Follow the steps with images. The process is simple. Even if you’re a beginner, you will find it a lot easier.

Step.1 Match the settings for video call on Discord

It would not take you longer. Quickly follow the points below to set up your video calling settings in the best way possible. Otherwise, you may face errors during video calling.

  1. If you’re on the Discord app’s first page,> Click on the gear icon to open the settings menu.
  2. Move a bit downwards to check the video and audio options on the menu. 
  3. From there, you can check the video settings. If it’s disabled, enable it. Do the same with the audio settings, always better to go for preview to assure everything is working fine on the ground.

On a note, most of the time, Discord crop ups some errors on iPhone mobiles or tablets. Most often, the issue comes up in relation to iPhone privacy. So make sure first by heading onto the iphone>apps> Discord settings that you’ve permitted Discord to use your video and audio modules.

Step.2 Open Discord mobile App

How to Video Call on Discord Mobile

The first thing always comes first, with this means you have to open the Discord mobile on your phone. After that, tap onto the hamburger icon showing at the top left corner. Regardless of the device you’ve, there are no major words to say about its location. Conclusively, you will not bite your nails to do this.

Step.3  Click the message Icon.

Click on the DM

After following step one, you will be on the page showing in the image if you look at the corner again. An icon like a message box appears there, as shown in the image. You will need to click on it in order to enable the DM on discord.

Step.4 Get into your friend’s list.

Friend listIt’s the simple as no many words to put there. You have to click on the friends to list out the names of the people you’ve added. From that list, you can choose the person whom to video call. This means you have to add the person to your friend list, so your video calls him.

You can see the options showing there, whether send them a text message or invite them on a call. 

Step.5 Video callVideo call

Although on Discord mobile, there is not a direct way to make a video call. But it can be done by first audio calling the person. Once the call is on its way, on the bottom side, some options will be appearing. Including open up the camera to convert the voice call into the video.

However, this only takes place when the person accepts your invitation to the video call. As when you tap on the camera icon, it will result from a prompt notification asking your friend to accept your video call invitation by turning on the camera.

During this time, your camera should be turned on already. In such away, you can see your face on your screen for a while until the second person turns his camera on. Only then, both the persons can see each other’s faces.

If you are wondering if this works on servers? Then sadly, nope, it does not work on the servers as now while writing this blog post. It may be added to the servers as well in the future.

Things to Mind

The first thing you always lock up in your mind is that this is not going to work when you are on a discord server. It’s for friends so you have to add the person to your friend list before thinking of video calling.  Secondly,  I would like you to mind is that seldom when turning on video call on discord on mobile the call, hangs up. There is no specific reason why does this happens. But I came across only the fix which is reinstalling the app.

Related thoughts

Let’s have a look at some related talks on how to video call on discord mobile. Because things never act perfect.

How many people can join one video call on Discord?

It’s not certain to say something on it as the number might get extended. However, on February 25- 2021, the writing time of this post. I can say there is a limit of 10 people per group can do video call on discord. And the rest assured upon Discord’s updates as they always come up with something new.

Discord vs. WhatsApp- video calls?

There are a lot of debates going around this, and sadly I’m myself not reached any conclusion on this. All I can say, it’s a matter of preference. Not degrading any of them as WhatsApp has been on the top for the past few years. On the other hand, Discord is also leaping forward with great momentum. It might be possible, and it can take on WhatsApp due to some downsides that we concluded in this post—Discord VS Whatsapp. Go check out if you’re new here.

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