What Makes Discord Better Than Other Alternatives?

The newest version of Discord is a great contender for being the best VoIP service ever, and here are just a few reasons why.

1. Discord’s server infrastructure boasts more servers than other similar programs, meaning better voice quality and reduced lag time compared to the competition.

2. With a 1-on-1 level of messaging similar to Skype, you can still text chat with your friends while in a voice call with them! And if you don’t want to use your computer’s mic or speaker, connect an external device like speakers or headphones using our 3.5mm headphone jack plugged directly into your PC.

3. Easily invite all of your Steam friends straight from the client with our new friend sync feature, meaning you no longer need to manually add your friends.

4. Leave servers in the dust when they’re getting out of hand! This feature lets you remove groups and voice channels like a boss without needing server permissions.

5. Organize all of your messages in our new ‘Library’ section, then sort them into easily manageable folders or search for specific messages across ALL servers with ease.

6. Jump directly into any text channel you want when suddenly checking on servers & messages, rather than having to enter through the various hoops other programs make you jump through just to join one little text chat room.

7. With our new layout, messages are much easier to read or send, since they stretch from one side of your screen to the other. Try even having a chat while playing games such as blackjack www.netticasino.com/blackjack/, it’s doable.

8. We now have a dark mode, with inverted backgrounds making your messages pop out even more against this new backdrop!

9. With our modding community growing by the minute, you can find some pretty cool mods to spice up your server exactly how you want it!

10. There’s just so much more that we haven’t mentioned here that makes us stand head and shoulders above the rest! You’ll just have to try us out for yourself to see why Discord is hands down the best VoIP service of today.

Lets Wrap It Up

Whilst many people enjoy using Discord, it’s important to use your own judgement when choosing which VoIP service you want to use. The above list of features is not the only reason why some users prefer discord; ultimately this choice will come down to personal preference rather than any specific feature. 

On the other hand, making an educated decision on what software to use can be difficult as many companies mislead consumers about their products in order to make a sale, as was the case with TeamSpeak 3’s www.teamspeak.com advertisements prior to the release of version 4.0. 

In terms of security and privacy, it is true that Discord does not encrypt messages by default (something which has caused significant controversy), however, third-party solutions exist such as BetterDiscord which enable encryption. Overall, Discord is better than its competitors for several reasons and this article should be seen as a resource to inform users about these features rather than an advertisement for Discord.

Do you agree with the above article’s view on why Discord is better? Why or why not? Please leave any feedback in the comments section below.

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